VIDEO: Massive Tolkien Book Collection

Hey everyone! We’ve hit the 1k subscribers mark on YouTube and, to celebrate that, here’s a video with an overview of my Tolkien book collection. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Massive Tolkien Book Collection

  1. Very impressive. That must have taken a while to assemble. Don’t forget the book The Nature of Middle-earth, coming out in September or so.

    1. It took years and years in fact 🙂 Oh yes waiting for ‘Nature’ and also the new edition of The Silmarillion (which I believe was scheduled for March)

  2. There is a new edition of the Sil ? Have you any idea how it will differ from the 2004 edition ? This sounds really exciting. I look forward to it.

    1. Hey James, I’m afraid I’m not entirely aware of the content. I’m pretty sure this new edition (to be released in march) will be the exact same text, with a limited edition and a standard hardback one (with illustrations by Ted Nasmith).

  3. This video is an excellent demonstration of modern Tolkien collections. I am especially a fan of the like book designs. Around 2:50 into the video, you go through the HarperCollins editions with dust covers. Is there any way you could post the ISBNs for the first 9 books on that shelf? It is often difficult to find the appropriate edition online.

    1. Cheers Caleb! 🙂 So, as far as ISBNs, here we go (as correct as I can make them out):

      The Silmarillion: 978-0-261-10242-2
      The Hobbit: 978-0-261-10328-3
      The Fellowship of the Ring: 978-0-00-720354-3
      The Two Towers: 978-0-00-720355-0
      The Return of the King: 978-0-00-720356-7
      The Children of Hurin: 978-0-00-724622-9
      Beren and Luthien: 978-0-00-821419-7
      The Fall of Gondolin: 978-0-00-830275-7

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