Beren and Lúthien: New Tolkien book in 2017!

Beren and Luthien book cover.jpgGreat news to all Tolkien fans!

As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, the second of the Tolkien’s “Great Tales” will find itself on shelves as a standalone publication in May 2017, HarperCollins announced.

The book, which will compile together all known versions of the story, will be edited by Christopher Tolkien and illustrated by Alan Lee. Its publication will coincide with the 10th anniversary since the publication of The Children of Húrin. Continue reading

The entire novel of ‘The Hobbit’ in just 76 verses


Following my last post on discovering the first “fragmented” poem I ever wrote about The Hobbit, some of you kindly requested I put my appalling poetry skills back into use and complete the poem I had started.

That is exactly what I have done.

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My first ever poem about ‘The Hobbit’ (and it’s as bad as you’d imagine)


So today I decided to organise a particular drawer that had been bugging me for a while.

It took a lot of time to try and pull open, it being wedged and stuck due to the cluttered contents inside. It took even more time to sift through all the papers and faded scraps of notes I couldn’t remember ever having read or, let alone, written. Continue reading

Northern Courage, Ofermōde and Thorin Oakenshield’s last stand

Thorin 1

Northern Courage

Tolkien was fascinated by the concept he called “the theory of courage”, which exemplified one of the highest qualities in the literary Northern hero: that of unflinching courage, steadfast resolve and sheer determination of will in the face of impossible odds. Continue reading


A nice read from ‘Tolkien Read Through’ about the often overlooked story of Roverandom.

Tolkien Read Through

roverandom-new-cover Cover of the 2013 Harper Collins edition of Roverandom.

Inspired by the time one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s son lost his toy dog, the tale of Rover, a young dog that will have lots of adventures after upsetting a wizard.

Rover, a young dog who lives at a farm in the country, upsets a passing wizard who turns him into a toy dog. As a toy, Rover is sold to a mum who give the toy to one of her sons. Rover think of him as “Little boy two”. He is able to escape (because he can move slighly when not seen) at the beach by the ocean. The boy is upset and looks for Rover. In the meanwhile, Rover has met Psamathos Psamathides who could magic off part of the wizard’s spell. Now Rover can move completely, only, he is still tiny as a toy dog.

In order to get…

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