I’m still here … re-reading Tolkien

The Silmarillion_2

It’s been over 3 months since my last post on this blog …

I feel as ashamed as an orc that has nothing evil to do, or an elf that has no singing to be done.

As a matter of fact, I’m currently on my traditional yearly Tolkien read which begins with The Hobbit, followed by The Silmarillion, and then concluded with The Lord of the Rings (the reason for this particular reading order is explained below).

And may I add, it’s such a fantastically invigorating experience!

Every time I sit down and open one of the books I know I’ll enjoy my time spent in Middle-earth, but every year I’m surprised at how wonderful it actually is to re-read the same pages, meet the characters, the situations and the stories. There’s an alluring quality to Tolkien’s creations that just keeps getting better and better with every reading.

I’m currently over halfway through The Silmarillion, and I can confirm right now that — in this very moment — it is my favourite Tolkien book. No doubt this feeling may change when I eventually open up my copy of The Lord of the Rings, but it’s been a pretty solid thought of mine throughout the years, and a certain post from way back in 2013 may prove to you readers, and especially to myself, how much I cherish and believe that The Silmarillion is the most eloquently enjoyable sophisticated and complex piece of writing.

Now, as to why my reading order follows the sequence stated above is one of taste and tradition in itself. First of, I like to re-introduce myself to the lands of Middle-earth via The Hobbit. Its simple story, and incredibly easy and smooth read, feels like the perfect way to enter Tolkien’s Secondary World. With The Hobbit over, I skip far back in Time to read about how all this world came into being, and what kinds of troubles the Elves used to cause in the First Age, and Men in the Second Age …

Following that, having armed myself with enough historical background and information, I feel ready to tackle the mammoth-sized narrative of The Lord of the Rings with as much knowledge of how events and characters in this story became affected by the wider, and larger happenings of the past.

So this is the end of my rambling post, which may or may not act as a kind of apology to you, dear reader.

I also must not forget that the Lay Of Leofwin project is in full swing and that details about this will emerge very, very soon. Thankfully, the epic scope of The Silmarillion is such a good source of inspiration 🙂

Till next time …

8 thoughts on “I’m still here … re-reading Tolkien

      1. Sadly, i haven’t, and I really struggled with LOTR. It made much more sense to me after Jackson’s films, though.

      2. Take it step-by-step, page by page. Continuously consult the index of names and the maps at every stage, and keep at it till the end (even though you might not understand what’s going on). You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once done … after that, take a moment before re-reading it all over again – it’ll become easier with time 🙂

  1. That’s the exact order that I first read all the books in, and for the same reasoning you had. Once I know how in depth Tolkien’s world was, I wanted to go as deep into the history as possible before diving into The Lord of the Rings. Now I think I may have to make this my official reading order, Thanks!

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