The Trilogy of The Hobbit Posters?

The Hobbit Trilogy Teaser Posters (Header)
Last year, with the release of the first official teaser poster for The Desolation of Smaug, I wrote a post regarding the powerful simplicity of the imagery, and how it fitted so well with the first poster from An Unexpected Journey.

The solitary figure of Bilbo stepping out of Bag End in one, and then looking at the entrance to Erebor in another, are of significant importance to the whole concept of the story and a aujsense of consistency is retained between the two.

In that post, I wished the poster for the last Hobbit installment would receive a similar treatment.

Now, with the release of the third film’s poster (see here), we have yet a similar style of imagery … sort of.

dosTrue, it’s not Bilbo this time (which is admittedly odd); but we still have the “character’s back towards audience” pose, looking towards something in the distance.

Suffice to say, this new poster is extraordinary.


The fiery-red colour palette, Smaug’s ridiculously-creepy expression and Bard’s defiant stand, are all features of an incredible piece of artwork.

Now, some people have already pointed out the similarities with other works (most notably, a Japanese manga series poster).

But to be honest, who cares?

Let’s also just look at the three posters side by side, shall we?

The Hobbit Trilogy Teaser Posters

There is definitely a striking resemblance between the three, and it reflects the hard work and thought that went into the process of creating a sense of continuity across the Trilogy.

Now, I strongly believe we’ll be getting another poster after Comic-Con; since I believe that what has been released yesterday, is specifically intended for that event.

Perhaps we may get another piece of artwork – for the teaser trailer – featuring the titular Hobbit this time.

Who knows?

In the meantime, which of the three posters from the Trilogy do you like best?

Personally, it’s hard to decide between them, since they all are of particular significance.

However, considering we’re in the euphoric phase of The Battle of the Five Armies, I simply can’t take my eyes off that! 😉



17 thoughts on “The Trilogy of The Hobbit Posters?

    1. Fixed! Thanks so much for reminding me of the cover photo (I’m assuming you’re referring to the books at the top of the blog).

      I’m happy with this new theme, primarily because the text of each post is significantly larger than what used to be displayed in the previous version.

      Glad you like it 🙂

  1. Because they’re so similar I have to admit I love all three. They all fit so well with the subtitles of their respective films it is so artistic. If I had to pick, I’d choose the last one because Bard is one of my favorite characters and it displays the majesty of Smaug.

  2. The third one is definitely my favorite. I’m somewhat biased since Bard is my favorite character, but aside from that I think it’s the most intense, exciting of the three and I really like the image of Smaug and how Bard is illuminated by Smaug’s fire. I do wish the words “the defining chapter” had been left off, somehow it seems a bit cheesy or gimmicky, but other than that the poster is awesome.

  3. I think all 3 are brilliant, but my favourite has to be the first one. It shows Bilbo stepping out his door, going on his epic adventure. It’s a prelude to the following 6 movies. And both trilogies begin with a hobbit stepping out this same door, going on life- changing and world- defining adventures.

  4. Cool! 🙂
    But the first poster is not a ComicCon-poster. The ComicCon-poster for An Unexpected Journey wad the “Gandalf in the Shire”-poster. The “Bilbo in the Bag End-door”-poster is an earlier teaser–poster, which came out with the wery first teaser video.

  5. I like the second one best, possibly because of the color scheme or the dramatic landscape. To me, it shows how small and uncertain Bilbo is feeling at this part of the adventure. It also features the most iconic landmark in the film.

    1. Great choice! I must say it’s difficult for me to choose, but you’ve pin-pointed exactly what the second poster conveys. Ah! I can’t decide …

  6. I like the first one most. What strikes me now (I have not looked at all three of them at the same time before) is that while the 2nd and 3rd are quite straight and have the character placement in the lower half (pretty much following the rule of thirds). The first poster does not do that. Also, interestingly, it is tilted. It creates quite a different balance.

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