Stirrings and New beginnings | I’m back!

Hello again everyone! I seem to be back 😀

Although “back” is rather misleading. I was always “here”, both figuratively and literally. Following my ‘Farewell‘ post some eight months back, I kept visiting the blog and ensuring I replied to any new comments popping up every now and then on any posts.

Well, well … what can I say that others have surely expressed themselves more vividly and succinctly than I ever will. It’s been one tough ride for humanity and it seems we’re in for a bit of a long haul.

Until then, keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. As is told to Bilbo: ‘“All in good time!” said Gandalf. “Things are drawing towards the end now, unless I am mistaken. There is an unpleasant time just in front of you; but keep your heart up! You may come through all right.”‘

Which brings me back to this blog. I confess I missed posting here, sharing my crazy, little thoughts about all things Middle-earth, and discussing it with you awesome people. When I posted my farewells in February, I always meant to come back some day but other projects had kept me busy.

But now I’m back, and full of more ideas than ever before.

One MAJOR change happening is to my YouTube channel. Its name has now officially been altered to ‘Brewing Books‘ and has a new video announcement which you can check below:

And I also have an Instagram account too (of course I do): JimBrewingBooks

That being said, I won’t guarantee a steady stream of posts, at least for a bit. I’m still getting myself adjusted to some new life stuff and outlining some exciting projects ahead (this blog being one of them). Still, expect a new post every now and then to keep you company over the next months.

The real world out there has conjured up some dark times ahead of us, but we can all still find some magic and a haven in our books, our geekiness and our love for Tolkien and all things reading. So I invite you to subscribe to my channel, follow this blog and let’s keep each other company! 😀

Questions, queries, comments? Ask away!

Till next time …

10 thoughts on “Stirrings and New beginnings | I’m back!

  1. If you’re getting the illustrated edition of Unfinished Tales coming out on Thursday, I look forward to your coverage – be it in blog form as a video.

      1. Awesome! Are you getting the collector’s edition, or the standard?

        If the collector’s, I do have a few questions which I hope you’ll cover:
        – does it come in it’s own cardboard shipping box? What I mean is, the 2014 illustrated omnibus edition of The Lord of the Rings came in one, which has a sticker of the barcode and ISBN. Here’s a photo from TolkienGuide website showing what I mean:
        – does it ‘line up’ with the other collector’s editions, in terms of height dimensions?

        That’s pretty much it! Looking forward to your coverage.

  2. Don’t worry, you still haven’t been as lax with your blog as I’ve been with mine, haha. I’m plenty busy, just not on WordPress. Glad you’re back, though! I’ll check out your channel too.

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