We have reached 500+ followers! (…’Thank You’ poem attached)

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Well what can I say? I’ve thanked all of you kind people when I reached the 200+ mark (just over 3 months ago). But it seems I can’t thank you enough (so clichéd, I know).

But truth be told, I’m very grateful for all your support – no matter how little it is. Continue reading

Launching new YouTube Channel!

A Tolkienist’s Perspective, is pleased to announce the launch of its new channel on YouTube.

We have come a long way since it’s creation and it is high time to expand to further the scope of this blog – sharing our love for Tolkien’s works. Continue reading

Tolkien: A Dark Fantasy Author? (Part I)


This post has been inspired by a series of rants between two YouTube users a few years back. One argued in favour and the other against, that Tolkien is an author of dark fantasy.

I guess it’s one of those things where no definite answer exists, but rather it is up to anyone to interpret it the way they view Tolkien’s works.
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