My Tolkien Collection: Paperbacks

Paperbacks 2

(Above: notice the bookmark in ‘Unfinished Tales’ … currently in my second read – notice also, the horrendous lighting setup in all these pictures. Apologies.)

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If your intention is to read and re-read as much of Tolkien as you can (whether you are a serious collector or not), paperbacks are an indispensable element in your reading experience. Light, easy to handle and containing pretty much the exact same text as any other version, paperbacks will always be there with you. Sure, after a couple of years you’ll start noticing ugly creases along the spine of your books, or brown marks littering the edges of the pages, but the words and the emotion contained inside will still be there. Continue reading “My Tolkien Collection: Paperbacks”

Discovering Middle-earth: Part IV

The long”-ish” tale of how I began to admire and enjoy Tolkien


My first experience of reading ‘The Lord of the Rings’ (or anything related to Tolkien), was actually a weird one.

Since I was young, I wasn’t into reading – at all. Paragraphs longer than a few lines would send my mind drifting off to something completely different. I just couldn’t manage to concentrate on the descriptions and the wordings for longer than a few minutes.

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Discovering Middle-earth: Part II

The long”-ish” tale of how I began to admire and enjoy Tolkien


As stated in Part I, viewing ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ re-wired my thoughts about the fantasy genre – nonetheless, I was still far away from picking up any book written by Tolkien.

It so happened that as October 2002 passed by, I stumbled upon the second trailer of ‘The Two Towers’. And then it snapped …

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