Why we celebrate Tolkien’s birth

JRR Tolkien

3rd January, 1892

Every year, on 3rd January, it’s tradition for fans of the Professor to honour his birth date.

But what are we actually celebrating? His stories, his academic life or the human aspect? Continue reading “Why we celebrate Tolkien’s birth”

Remembering Tolkien: 42 Years On…

2 September, 1973

There are no lengthy posts today.JRR Tolkien

Let us simply remember that 42 years ago, J.R.R. Tolkien passed away and left behind a legacy as the finest fantasy author of the 20th Century.

In those 40 decades since his passing, that legacy has gained strength and through the published and posthumous works, we can affirm what a great scholar, academic and human being he was.

Thank you Professor.