TTRT: The Silmarillion – Chapter Thirteen

Feanor vs Gothmog (header)

The Fall of Fëanor and the Rise of the Noldor

Remember last week we tackled 3 chapters? This week it’s just the one. Things are about to get intricate and personal…

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TTRT: The Silmarillion – Chapter Nine

Kinslaying at Alqualonde (header)

The Fall of Elvenkind

Since this chapter is quite long I decided to tackle it on its own for this week. As always, stick-figures make a persistent return.

Chapter 9 – Of The Flight of the Noldor

Melkor has wreaked havoc in Valinor. The Two Trees lie dead in the darkness of the world. As the Valar convene in Máhanaxar (“the Ring of Doom”), they mourn the staggering loss they have suffered and decide on what to do next. Continue reading