The Battle of the Five Armies: Extended Edition (… speculation)

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition logo

Seen the last Hobbit film? Want more?
Here’s what we might see in the Extended Edition


— Naturally, here be Spoilers —

If you enjoyed The Battle of the Five Armies but, like me, were not fully satisfied due to certain omissions, the content of next year’s Extended Edition seems to be extremely promising; a definitive director’s cut to be shelved along with the other 5 equally-stupendous Middle-earth films.

During the World Premier in London, Peter Jackson already stated that there will be 30 minutes of new material.

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Billy Connolly as Dáin Ironfoot: Attempting a Fan Art piece

Dáin (header banner)

To all those who have yet to read The Hobbit, there is much anticipation in the revelation of a particular character in the upcoming film, played by Billy Connolly …

To make the title of this post a bit more appealing (and certainly non-misleading) I’ve inserted the word “fan art” in there: mainly to describe a brief endeavour of mine in trying to recreate the appearance of how I’ve always pictured the character of Dáin.

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