Attending Oxonmoot 2018!

Street (Oxford)

Yep, there’s a first for everything they say.

This year I decided I would take the plunge and apply for a two-day visit to the annual gathering organised by the Tolkien Society, during the Tolkien Week weekend (this year taking place between 20-23rd September).

Besides the chance to revisit the beautiful and picturesque town of Oxford, I am equally excited to meet new people who share the same passion towards Tolkien’s works.

Perhaps in my naivety, I also ended up submitting a proposal for a paper, which I’m both thrilled and nervous to present, given how most of the audience will have years of experience in the Tolkien field – but we shall see … 🙂

Whilst there, I’ve also decided to drop by the Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth exhibition, which promises to be an extraordinary experience.

I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and discuss Tolkien with like-minded people.

I will naturally be posting about the visit (pictures and all) on this blog, and keeping you updated on how things are going!

In the meantime, anyone else happens to be going to Oxonmoot this year by any chance?

Let me know! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Attending Oxonmoot 2018!

  1. If The Eagle and Child is too busy, hop over to The Lamb and Flag (it’s where the Inklings went after the E&C renovations took place, which they weren’t pleased with)

  2. Ah you are so lucky, I wish I could go! 🙂 I’m a member of the Tolkien Society but have sadly never been able to go.

    Take lots of pictures for those of us who wish we were there! 🙂

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