The Fall of Gondolin – next week!


The official Facebook page for J.R.R. Tolkien recently unveiled an exclusive Alan Lee artwork from The Fall of Gondolin and, suffice to say, it looks gorgeous. Not only that, it features quite possibly the coolest Vala in Arda.

Plus, today I’ve just been informed that my pre-order is on its way!

I can only speak for myself, but my excitement is tinged with a slight dose of unease about the contents of the book. I have no doubt that I will enjoy it as much as I have done the previous two publications of The Children of Húrin and Beren and Lúthien. Yet whereas the former was a beautifully-edited book serving as a stand-alone story, the other was more of an analysis on the evolution of the narrative, with a series of inter-connected sketches, drafts, prose & poetry, stitched together (all this done in a remarkably seamless way).

In a way, whilst I wish The Fall of Gondolin was more akin to the standalone concept, if the book turns out to be another collection of essays, verse, early prose and commentaries, it I’ll still manage to make my day!

And obviously, expect a review once I read it 🙂 … (hopefully soon).


11 thoughts on “The Fall of Gondolin – next week!

  1. That book cover itself is beautiful!!

    I’m curious… how long did it take you (approximately) to read The Silmarillion for the first time?

      1. I confess! First time I read The Silmarillion was when I was 16 … I’ll admit, it felt like an eternity – but probably took a month or two of slogging through page after page, not knowing what was going on but I was determined to read it cover to cover.

        Now it has become a yearly tradition and I’m in fact half-way through my umpteenth read 🙂

      2. The Silmarillion is a challenging read! I accidentally bought an extra copy last year and gave it to a friend who was interested, and… they read it in a week. I started it earlier last year… and I’m still not done with it. o_o

      3. Keep at it! Even if you don’t grasp all the details, the first step should always be reading it through. Then you can re-read with more attention. Enjoy! 🙂

      4. Barging in – I have no idea, nor how long it took when I read it aloud en famille, but I see Martin Shaw’s unabridged audiobook version is listed as 14 hours and 49 minutes. (Not reading it aloud probably always takes longer if you keep cross-checking – ‘what did I read about her before…?’, etc., with the help of the index, like I did, first time…)

        Tangentially, someone just reminded me that a complete audio recording Paul Corfield Godfrey’s opera of The Fall of Gondolin will be released on 1 September “with the permission of the Tolkien Estate”. You can sample his Tolkien music on what I assume is his own YouTube account. It’s fun to think the young Tolkien enjoyed hearing a live performance of part of Samuel Coleridge Taylor’s Scenes from The Song of Hiawatha (which we can hear in full on the LongfellowChorus YouTube account), and now we can soon hear Paul Corfield Godfrey’s Tolkien opera!

      5. I have to say that I’m still doing that after all these re-reads, and end up constantly looking up at the map and the index for names (but it’s faster this time!).

        And thanks David for the reference to the Opera – just read about it yesterday. Sounds intriguing 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on A Pilgrim in Narnia and commented:
    I’m quite excited about this. See also John Garth’s review in Times (behind a registration wall). I am also pleased by Alan Lee’s illustrations, but I would love in 10 or 20 years to see a new edition of these great pieces come out with other superb artwork. Looking up for the Fall of Gondolin!

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