This blog is 5 years old!

Happy Birthday!

It’s July 8th and that means another year has passed since the creation of A Tolkienist’s Perspective!

I can’t believe how swiftly time has passed since typing my first post, which was achieve with much trepidation and doubts as to how it would be received.

Now, truth be told, I don’t publish as frequently as  I used to a couple of years ago. Not that there’s not much to write about Tolkien, but it seems that the journey of anticipation through The Hobbit trilogy really fuelled ideas for posts and discussions about the films, and gave for some very interesting debates.

That being said, I still visit this blog every day. Making sure that any new comments, questions or suggestions are replied to.

I do hope (and plan) to publish more book-oriented posts, analysis and discussions in the coming months.

And let’s not forget that little announcement about a new series along the way …

So until then, I wish to thank you for following and reading my blog. I honestly cannot express enough my gratitude to those individuals who have been there since the first day, and have continued to show their support in what I write (even, admittedly, if I failed to show them the same kind of appreciation).

Which got me thinking … what would you want to see more written about on this blog? What Tolkien-related topics are you interested in? Let me know below!

In the meantime, here’s to another 5 years! 🙂

19 thoughts on “This blog is 5 years old!

  1. Congratulations! 5 years is a great number for a blog. I know what you mean, the journey of anticipation through The Hobbit trilogy has been the best for me. I’ve made so many online friends and I’m sad to admit that I’m not as inspired as I used to be to share more Tolkien-related content now. I hope the upcoming Amazon TV show will bring back those initial enthusiasm.

  2. I would love to see what edition of an existing book (ie, next anniversary edition of The Lord of the Rings) would feature and have in it! Like, imagine if the HarperCollins Tolkien department hired YOU on to help them make the next new edition.

  3. Happy Five Years! I can’t believe that it’s been so long. Keep up the good work with posting great content. If I had any recommendations, maybe you could do spotlights on certain books in your collection: why you like that particular book or edition and some pictures from inside it. I can’t wait to see your coverage of the new Amazon series once more information comes out. Great job!

  4. I’ll echo Evan and say that I’d love to hear your thoughts on other books too. Whethe Tolkien-relates or not, there are plenty of other books that foster discussions on the same topics that Tolkien’s works do! And if you’re wary of getting too far from the Professor, you’re could do comparisons with other books and such. Or investigate what fantasy books were like before Tolkien so we can better understand how he changed the genre. Lord Dunsany, MacDonald, Robert E. Howard…even Lovecraft, with his fascination with ancient civilizations.

  5. Thanks for all the content, James. You do a great job. I’d be interested in reading your thoughts on the upcoming Tolkien book.

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