Tolkien “big announcement” coming tomorrow!

Tolkien announcement.jpg

The Official J.R.R. Tolkien Facebook page has said that a “big announcement” will be made sometime tomorrow.

They have also included the above tantalising picture in the post.

This could be anything, but given the recent rumours of a possible new book, and the fragment of an artwork in question, it might be time to praise the Valar for the long-due, stand-alone publication of The Fall of Gondolin.

Then again, nothing is confirmed. However, whatever it is, the news sure is exciting! 😀

Updates tomorrow …

5 thoughts on “Tolkien “big announcement” coming tomorrow!

  1. So it’s official! Blue slipcase for the deluxe version. The Fall of Gondolin is coming out in August!!!!!! Sooooo excited!!!!!!!!

    James, is this the final book that Christopher Tolkien can possibly edit? Or are there other epics within the Tolkien secondary world that have yet to be published? Surely, there cannot be any more material to release in a book-format … or is there?

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