Video: Tolkien|CS Lewis|Sherlock Holmes|Harry Potter Book Collection!

You asked for it … you’ve got it!

Given that we’re just 1 week away from celebrating this blog’s four-year anniversary (unbelievable), I’ve decided to re-do the book collection video I posted on my YouTube channel over a year ago.

The updated book collection from my shelves now includes an overview of Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter.

Given length considerations, I’ve had to adopt the same “quick cut” style as my previous video (so apologies if it feels a bit rushed!).

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Video: Tolkien|CS Lewis|Sherlock Holmes|Harry Potter Book Collection!

  1. You mentioned something about The Powder Mage trilogy by Brian McClellan in your last post. Maybe you should put that in your next collection video.

  2. Great video James!!!!! Do you have a clear picture of your collection without any captions on it? – ❤ Amanda

  3. Really enjoyed the video James; collecting Tolkien books is so expensive, like other books. It’s irritating how when the book is released, there are limited numbers made, and then hawkers buy them and sell them for 10 times the price the following year. Like the Narnia books and Harry Potter hardcovers for example. 😦

  4. Love this video! James, as you have one of the largest Tolkien collections around, have you ever ordered a Tolkien book that arrived damaged in the post / mail? I just ask, as I am just starting out my Tolkien collection and when I order the books they often arrive dented. Any advice on this?

    1. Many thanks! As for damaged books, I can’t say that I have. I’ve ordered from Amazon and the Online Tolkien Bookshop without any major problems. I’ve found, however (especially with hardbacks), that there’s always going to be some slight dents in the corners of the book but that’s because of the packaging. Otherwise no real issues. 🙂

      1. Since we’re on the topic of damaged books, my copy of the Hobbit and the fellowship of the ring is dog eared, creased, it just looks horrible. And I just got them last year! Ohhh….. 😩

  5. I’ve been expanding my Tolkien collection as well, although I go about acquiring most of my books form thrift stores. I’ve found many copies of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and last week I found a nearly pristine copy of the Unfinished Tales for $1.99. A few weeks earlier I found The Children of Hurin for $1.99 in amazing condition. I’m collecting for the purposes of reading them, so when I find duplicates I usually grab them and give them to friends, also I can’t seem to leave any Tolkien books laying on the shelves of thrift stores mingled in with the lesser books.

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