Tolkien’s Goblin Alphabet – Decipher it!

Goblin Alphabet text


4 thoughts on “Tolkien’s Goblin Alphabet – Decipher it!

  1. I figured out some of them, but I’d have to print it out to do the rest…and I may not find the time to do so. 😦 a cool idea, though! Where is this from?!

  2. “If you are reading this then congratulations.
    You have managed to decipher the goblin alphabet.
    Just for the fun of it I decided to make a post entirely in this format.
    I have always been interested in puzzles and codes and secret languages. So when I read the Father Christmas letters and discovered the goblin alphabet Tolkien had devised I thought it was a fascinating piece of imagination to integrate a crafted alphabet system into the stories he wrote for his children.
    How canon this is to Middle-Earth I am not so very sure but I like to think about the possibility of this being used amongst the inhabitants of goblin-town and their relatives across the Misty Mountains.
    Anyways before I keep rambling on I’ll stop here.
    I hope you enjoyed this cheeky post and are not too frustrated by all the deciphering you have had to do. At least it was not written vertically as goblins do.
    Credit goes to for the fonts.
    Good luck with your translation.”

    I’d better get a cookie for this one.

    Relevant links :

    I have been struck with LotR nostalgia recently. I was thinking back on the idea of an “evil” pen & paper campaign in a middle-earth setting ( one of many campaigns that won’t ever see the light of day ).

    And so I was remembering that strange bit, with those two orcs in Mordor, tracking Frodo & Sam, and menacing of giving the others’ “number” to a Nâzgul.

    A few trains of thought and some google searches later, I ended up on your post on Mordor’s Military Structure.

    ( And on the topic of the logistic of such a numbering system : branding or tattoos . Like cattle, or say, extermination camp prisoners. Yes I know, Tolkien was not big on the whole lotr/ww2 comparison. But that was the first thing that came to my mind when reading that conversation.)

    You have some very interesting, well structured and well sourced speculation article on this blog. It’s quite an enjoyable read. I am still going through it.

    I’ll be around.

    1. Wow … now that is impressive. Top marks! Cookie on the way 😉 and thanks for your other comments about my blog. Cheers.

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