The Hobbit: Six years on … Where are those 20 questions?


Do you remember?

Far back in the mists of Time of early 2011, rumour spread that Peter Jackson was asking his fans to submit questions whilst the production on The Hobbit was underway. The director stated he would be going through the questions and answering 20 of them as filming took place.

This was announced in a statement posted on his Facebook page [emphasis is mine]:



So far so good. The anticipation was immense. Thousands of questions were submitted (mine included) as we all hoped ours would be one of those selected for answering.

Time went by and a few weeks later we got our first question:


This was looking good. Peter Jackson was handling the immense task of shooting a (back-then) two-part adaptation of The Hobbit, as well as tackling fan questions in his non-existent free time.

The hopes of many now clung on the very tangible prospect of having their most intricate and geeky Hobbit questions answered by none other than Sir Peter himself.

A few weeks passed by since the first question, and then a couple of months. Throughout this time, the director kept constantly updating his fans on the filming progress via photos and other types of information.

Then in July 2013, over two years after the first announcement, came another bit of information [emphasis is mine]:


Anyone who had abandoned the possibility of ever having their question answered, now found new hope in this post.

Then the news stopped and we never heard of those questions ever again.

Sure, we got the video updates and all sorts of information till the release of all the films, but we never got the other 19 questions.

So, unless I’ve missed some other post or announcement, there’s no clue as to what happened to the rest of the questions. Production may now be long over and we’ve seen The Hobbit trilogy to completion, not to mention the hours of behind-the-scenes material, but I’m still curious to know what happened to those questions.

Is it too much to hope that one day we might get to see the other selected questions and their respective answers? It would be interesting, in hindsight, seeing what we now know of the films and how the questions were tackled (if they ever were).

So here is my question to Sir Peter: Are we ever going to see the answers to the other 19 questions?

9 thoughts on “The Hobbit: Six years on … Where are those 20 questions?

  1. Wow. You are such a Hobbit nerd. But I guess the title gave it away 😉
    Hope someone of importance sees that there are still some waiting for the questions to be answered and can pass the message along,

    1. Really? I think he was great in that film. The film was great! Though 70 minutes till your main character appears on screen WAS a stretch definitely. I would have cut that down significantly. Otherwise, fantastic 🙂

  2. I recently read through his old facebook posts for fun and I noticed the same thing. My thought is that he never selected 20, just the one, and got too busy to pick and answer any more. Who knows… It’s quite unfortunate.

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