Tolkien Birthday Toast 2017


It is the 3rd of January, and among Tolkien fans that means only one thing: a toast on the author’s birthday is in order!

I am sure you are well aware of the process by now but, just in case you’re not here you go:

  1. Wait till 9 pm your local time on 3 January
  2. Stand up and raise a glass with a preferred drink (not necessarily alcoholic)
  3. Say “The Professor”
  4. Enjoy your drink.

Easy and fun.

Apparently, they are calling this year’s anniversary the twelfthty-fifth (125th). It’s truly marvellous to think how long ago that is and yet how influential Tolkien’s writings have been for his fans to still celebrate his date of birth.

So here’s to the Professor.

8 thoughts on “Tolkien Birthday Toast 2017

  1. Love this! Just curious, though – why 9pm? I’m not recalling anything particularly Tolkienian about that hour? Is that when the Hobbits would have dinner/supper? Just wondering.

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