Raising a cup of tea to Peter Jackson


In keeping with tradition, I decided to write another brief blog post in honour of Peter Jackson’s birthday.

Last year I wrote a short letter dedicated to the director, praising his work and thanking him for introducing me to cinema and Middle-earth.

In this quick post, I’d like to talk about the individual himself.

What can I say?

I love the man. Not just for his creativity and skill, but even as a decent human being. It’s so wonderful to see him interacting with the cast and crew in such a caring and joking way.

You can instantly outline the qualities that make him a remarkable man. He appears to convey a healthy balance of reservedness and outright cheekiness.

It’s true that most of us will only get to see a glimpse of his personality via the behind the scenes documentaries or the media in general, but there’s a consistency in his genuine attitude that makes it hard to believe he’s an altogether different man in real life.

He will always be an inspiration to me for the way in which he handles such extreme pressure, anxiety and stress. His “can do-will do” attitude typifies an extraordinary human personality, and he is someone I very much look up to in the way he confronts day-to-day obstacles.

Yet, there’s one thing that keeps on surprising and delighting me. His intense devotion to tea-drinking!

So in honour of your brithday, here’s a nice cuppa Sir Peter!

3 thoughts on “Raising a cup of tea to Peter Jackson

  1. I never read Tolkien (or any other other author) without a hot cup of tea :).
    Here’s a nice cuppa to you James! Congratulations on your wonderful blog!
    I spent many happy hours reading your very interesting articles.
    Keep up the great work!

      1. You’re welcome James :). I can tell by the many reactions that a lot of people enjoy reading your posts (I won’t call them crazy :).

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