The entire novel of ‘The Hobbit’ in just 76 verses


Following my last post on discovering the first “fragmented” poem I ever wrote about The Hobbit, some of you kindly requested I put my appalling poetry skills back into use and complete the poem I had started.

That is exactly what I have done.

The following poem contains 19 stanzas of four octosyllabic verses each. Every stanza is dedicated to a particular chapter, with each title included in one of the verses.

I hope you enjoy my feeble attempt! (Oh, and it took me some 5 hours straight of mind-melting writing to complete).


14 thoughts on “The entire novel of ‘The Hobbit’ in just 76 verses

  1. Very creative! Your rhymes are good. With a little attention to meter, this could be shaped up quite nicely.

    For example, “The Return of the Journey he he heard call” allows the line to fit the meter.

  2. The poem was excellent but that’s not what I was looking for. I was looking for a poem which describes the character of bilbo. Maybe you can make one and upload it?

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