A nice read from ‘Tolkien Read Through’ about the often overlooked story of Roverandom.

Tolkien Read Through

roverandom-new-cover Cover of the 2013 Harper Collins edition of Roverandom.

Inspired by the time one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s son lost his toy dog, the tale of Rover, a young dog that will have lots of adventures after upsetting a wizard.

Rover, a young dog who lives at a farm in the country, upsets a passing wizard who turns him into a toy dog. As a toy, Rover is sold to a mum who give the toy to one of her sons. Rover think of him as “Little boy two”. He is able to escape (because he can move slighly when not seen) at the beach by the ocean. The boy is upset and looks for Rover. In the meanwhile, Rover has met Psamathos Psamathides who could magic off part of the wizard’s spell. Now Rover can move completely, only, he is still tiny as a toy dog.

In order to get…

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2 thoughts on “Roverandom

  1. Thanks for the signal boost!!!! 🙂 I just finished reading Smith of Wootton Major the other day, just gonna read the afterword and things, so I hope to make a another post this weekend. 😀

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