Gandalf vs Balrog: A Diorama

So this happened over the last few months …

Using the Gandalf and Balrog model kits from the Games Workshop range, the above diorama was constructed based on the pivotal moment in The Fellowship of the Ring, that pits the two Maiar against each other in a fiery duel.

Obviously, numerous viewings of The Fellowship of the Ring film were necessary in order to use as reference for the model; not only the scene in question, but the whole film. So as to enter into that mind-frame and capture the essence of it within the diorama. 😉

I hope you enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Gandalf vs Balrog: A Diorama

  1. “I threw down my enemy, and he fell from the high place and broke the mountainside where he smote it in his ruin.”

  2. Cool! On the subject of Maia, am I right in thinking they were of the order of the Valar? A description in the Silmarillion of the Maia called Melian seems to imply it, but I thought the Valar were the fourteen beings listed in the Valaquenta (or fifteen if you include Melkor). I’m wondering if you would know the answer?

    1. Hi Jed, Valar and Maiar were both under the name of “Ainur”. Many Maiar were also under the service of specific Valar. In this instance, Gandalf served Manwë and Varda whilst the Balrog served Morgoth.

      Hope that helps answer your question 🙂

      1. Thanks! I think I’ve figured it out now. So were the Maia created by Eru Iluvatar and sent in to Arda with the rest of the Valar or were they created by the Valar in Arda?

      2. In The Silmarillion, Iluvatar creates the Ainur, which constitute both Valar and Maia – so both are products of the One. The difference between the two is comprehended in terms of their spiritual status. Once descended into Arda, the Valar were the responsible authority on behalf of Iluvatar. The Maia were to be servants to help fulfill in that purpose in the smooth running of the world.

  3. Thanks! I’m not that fresh on events in the Ainulindale because it’s been a while since I started the Silmarillion, but I just finished it yesterday (well worth the stuggle 😉 )

  4. An excellent diorama. Right up my alley obviously as a fellow miniature enthusiast. I must also commend you on the excellent video and capitvating paning shots. May I ask how you accomplished those? Did you just carefully freehand those?

    1. Hey there! Thought it might be of interest to you 😉 Thanks for the comments.

      Filming wise, I used a cheap slider that is attached to a tripod and just tried to keep my hand steady as much as possible as I slid the camera left to right. The stabilisation tool in the the editing software helps to smooth out the jerky movement. It’s not perfect but quite flowing 🙂

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