Time for a #MegaMiddleEarthMarathon!

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies (posters)

So it begins …

It’s been months since I last saw any of the Middle-earth films. A travesty really …

It just so happens that, as any Tolkien fan surely is aware, 25th March is the day on which the Ring was destroyed and the Third Age of Middle-earth came to an end.

What better way to celebrate this historic event than by completing a mind-blowing mega marathon of all 6 extended edition films?

I’m not sure whether I personally will be able to watch them in one go; but I these coming 3 days from Friday to Sunday, I’ll definitely be occupied by plenty of viewings.

It would be great if others joined this marathon. There’s no particular time when to start, or which trilogy (or film) you’re going for first; so long as the marathon spills over well into the weekend.

Use the #MegaMiddleEarthMarathon hashtag when tweeting your marathon updates, or comment on this post of what film you’re watching, the emotions you’re experiencing or anything you want.

Comment, share images and videos using the Twitter hashtag. I’ll be on hand, as much as possible, to reply to each and every one of you.

I’ll be posting random updates throughout as I start my Unexpected Journey until I finally witness The Return of the King.

It’ll be a great time to share with other fans worldwide.

And what about the books? Certainly not forgotten!

Share any passages you are reading, photos of your favourite editions of The Hobbit or your special book collection.

Use #MegaMiddleEarthMarathon to spread your love for Middle-earth!

See you next Friday 😉


10 thoughts on “Time for a #MegaMiddleEarthMarathon!

  1. I’m so jealous!! That is on my bucket list but since I’ve moved, I have no one to share it with! Can’t wait for your posts! Ooo and I noticed you will watch them in story chronological order. Explain that thought process to me. I’ve been struggling with which order I should introduce my boyfriend to Middle-earth. Show him the order you are doing and we end with the biggest and baddest cinematic accomplishment of all time. Go out with a bang, as they say. Watch them in film order then you get the Peter Jackson order and the little hints and cameos in the Hobbit make sense, but cinematically you end on a much lower note. How did you decide to watch them in that order?

    1. Hmmm tricky. It’s something I’d love to experience and study on myself. Do you start with the best and work your way backwards or stick chronologically too it and perhaps have different interpretations of The Hobbit?

      For first-timers, I would still suggest going for LOTR first, then proceed with The Hobbit. You’d still be going in chronological order after all … 2001 to 2014 😉

  2. I’m in, I’ve been meaning to do this for ages now; plus I haven’t watched the extended editions of The Hobbit yet and I recently got them. Happy Mega Middle Earth Marathon!

  3. Dang, I wish I could do this as well this weekend, but I’ve got to finish writing 40 or so pages for my senior thesis. I still haven’t had time to watch the extended edition of the BotFA, and I can’t remember the last time I watched one of the Middle Earth films. Some fan I’ve turned into.

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