Why we celebrate Tolkien’s birth

JRR Tolkien

3rd January, 1892

Every year, on 3rd January, it’s tradition for fans of the Professor to honour his birth date.

But what are we actually celebrating? His stories, his academic life or the human aspect?

It’s safe to say that we’re honouring all three of this individual’s life on earth. His existence ushered a new branch of literature in the 20th Century and beyond, that led to people worldwide being influenced by his works.

Ultimately, every 3rd of January, we’re celebrating the birth of another human being – just like the rest of us.

Another human being who crafted dreams for us and realms of imagination.

Here’s to The Professor.

4 thoughts on “Why we celebrate Tolkien’s birth

  1. … because he gave us the PRECIOUSSSness of the imagination, he gave us through his novels!!! Happy Birthday Sir Tolkien

  2. Yes indeed, happy birthday to the Professor! This guy had it all–a literary genius, incredible imagination, a wonderful father, and look at what he gave us. How is the human mind able to create such a masterpiece? We will never know. To Professor Tolkien!

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