A LoTR-themed Birthday Cake

Birthday cake 2 (header)

Middle-earth sized celebration …

So another year has passed since my last birthday and lo and behold I discovered an unusual cake waiting for me on the kitchen table.

To say that I was impressed is an understatement. I marvelled at the intricate map and the tome-sized book-cake with the memorable fonts spelling out that magical 5-worded title.

Birthday cake 1

For a long while, I was more interested in examining the minute details than wondering what it might taste like, as I found myself leaning against the table, wide-eyed and awe-struck.

The cake lay for a long while on the table, being surveyed and scrutinised from every possible angle. I tried to delay what followed, as much as possible.

Loth was I to destroy such a work of art by cutting it in half with a knife; but knowing the cake’s fate was inevitable, I decided to give it a proper and dignified incision by using a special prop …Birthday cake 4

My heart leapt out of my breast at the sight of the spongy book being dissected in half; but once the content was tasted, I eyed the remaining cake with an increased sense of wonder.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who made this day a special one and for such a prized, and well-consumed, gift.

Clearly, someone knows what kind of a fan I am …


10 thoughts on “A LoTR-themed Birthday Cake

  1. that is a gorgeous cake. i’d feel so awkward cutting into it…i’d want it to be preserved and on display in the Smithsonian! still, happy birthday!

  2. Legolas’ daggers would have been suitable…I mean with the size for a birthday cake! 😀 Wish you the Happiest Birthday James ‘Tolkienist’!

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