Reaching new heights…

Exactly two years and five months ago, on 8 July 2013, this blog published its first post. Back then, nothing could have convinced me I’d get past 10, let alone 1000 followers.

Well, technically I should say we’re “over 1000 followers” but I’ll let it stand at that.

The anticipation each of you has given me, every time I log in on the blog, is unique. Waiting to read what others think about my crazy posts has become one of the highlights of my day.

I have been absent these last few weeks, and although I may not have written any posts, I was still visiting this blog every other day.

I believe a community has formed over these last few years. Some followers came and went; others have been loyal and kept commenting through each post. And for that I thank them.

Many others have joined recently and if you’re one of them, I welcome you!

I’d like to think that this number will continue to grow; but I’ll admit that the responsibility mainly rests on my shoulders in giving you more posts to talk about.

So I’d like to dedicate this post to all of you followers (both official and unofficial) and for your constant interactions.

Three cheers to you!



9 thoughts on “1000 Followers!

  1. I just became a follower a few minutes ago, but I have read this blog for the past two years. It has become a staple of Tolkien related news and input for me, along with theonering.net and Mordor. Your blog is excellent and I am always happy to read a new post. The movies and books of profesor Tolkien’s Middle Earth are a huge part of my life and inspire me to be the best person I can be. Your enthusiasm encapsulates the feelings that I have of Tolkien’s world, and I would like to offer you my thanks for writing this. Keep posting. 🙂

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