The Magic of sharing Middle-earth with others

Hobbiton (The Shire)

We’ve all been in that frustrating situation when you are trying to convince friends and family to join you in a single sitting of your favourite films. Many adamantly refuse your requests; others give in after much persuasion; whilst some, very rarely, are on board after witnessing your passionate display for the film in question.

The Middle-earth films in particular are a wonderful opportunity when introducing this world to others.

There’s a sense of pure elation and joy when re-watching those moments, that elicit in you the awe that first captured your attention and bound you to these stories, with someone else. The emotion is raw and indescribable. It is the closest feeling you get at re-experiencing that same strong excitement the first time you sat in the theatre to watch the films.

The passion and the awe are always there whenever re-watching these films alone, but that chill down your back or that pumping heart become amplified the moment you are sitting down with someone else.

Silently, watching the scene unfold, you’re imagining what the other person is feeling and, giving a sidelong glance at them, you can’t help but smile as their expressions register that same emotional connection with the film.

Watching with first-time viewers is even more magical. The glint in their eyes and the subtle opening of their mouth describes much that a thousand words fail to do. You desperately wish, at the very moment, to be in their places and see the films through their eyes. This seemingly universal feeling of experiencing the magic of cinema is unparalleled.

There’s also a certain sense of something truly precious to you and handing it over to someone else. Introducing them to this world, and seeing their connection to it, you are silently telling them: “Here you go. Breathe this world and enjoy it as much as I do.”

6 thoughts on “The Magic of sharing Middle-earth with others

  1. Unfortunately, those I’ve tried to share my ME enthusiasm in my household have grown so used to wearing jaded spectacles and with their constant negativity remarks were enough to shrivel the excitement to none existence. It was enough for me to turn off the DVD and stalked out of the room. 😦

  2. I’ve been very lucky in that my 10 year old son is sharing my enthusiasm for Tolkien – he will join me for my annual holiday viewing of the films, this will be his second time! I read the books for him (hobbit & lotr) first, and he was hooked 🙂 the other two in the family patiently give up all tv-rights to us for the evenings involved, bless them!

  3. I’ve been sharing LOTR with my workplace colleagues, spreading the LOTR gospel, as I like to call it. It is amazing how much awe this movie instills in people.

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