Holmes over Baggins: Why?

sherlock vs bilbo

Is it normal I’m more excited about the Sherlock Special than the BoTFA Extended cut?

It’s no secret that I’ve been fascinated by Sherlock Holmes (who isn’t?) for many years: both as a literary character and the various film and TV adaptations.

I am also a massive fan of the British TV series Sherlock, and – if you’re like me – you possibly cannot have failed to read about the upcoming Christmas Special in December.

Well, with yesterday’s newly released trailer, that excitement couldn’t be more evident. That mixture of nostalgia and child-like anticipation, that has been so synonymous with the Festive period whenever a new Middle-earth film was released, is being felt again.

So yes, I’m finding myself constantly on edge for any updates on the exact date of this Special’s release; whereas for The Hobbit Extended Edition, it’s simply a casual waiting game.

I wouldn’t like you to think I’ve lost interest in seeing the new 20 minutes of footage. Nor that I’m not eagerly waiting to get my hands on the entire trilogy box set. Not at all. It’s just that the lack of interest from Warner Bros. (the marketing and hype from their end has been almost nil) has not fuelled the flame of my passion for this release.

BBC, especially in the case of Sherlock, have always been extremely clever with their marketing strategies: revealing details and teasers at appropriate times without overdoing it. Just enough to keep our curiosities satisfied but leaving ample room for the surprises to come.

And hey! There’s Martin Freeman too in it!

The void that has been left during Christmas, following the release of the final Middle-earth film, is being replaced by an equally-dear adaptation. As with the lead-up to The Battle of the Five Armies, I’m savouring most of this excitement for when December 2016 comes round and I’ll find myself yet again with that same void to accompany me.

But for now, the game is on!

8 thoughts on “Holmes over Baggins: Why?

  1. You’re more excited to see a brand new episode of one the BBC’s best ever TV programmes than you are to see an extra 20 minutes of footage of a film you’ve already seen many times? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

    But it makes perfect sense. Sherlock began over 5 years ago and in that time we’ve only seen 9 episodes; The Hobbit: AUJ came out less than 3 years ago and we’ve already seen 3 whole movies. People are bloated with the amount of Hobbit film they’ve consumed, but are starving for more Sherlock.

    Plus, the reception for Sherlock has more or less been universally positive, while the reception for The Hobbit trilogy has been extremely mixed. Even if you personally regard them equally, you can be forgiven for letting the constant negativity online hamper your enthusiasm for the BOFA Extended Edition. I’m sure it did for me too.

  2. I’m afraid to admit that I haven’t seen the extended for the 2nd film and have no intention of seeing it for the 3rd film. Loved how they did Lord of the Rings, but overall I’m sort of meh about this final trilogy.

    As for Sherlock, I’m even losing interest in that show, although I am interested in the special simply because it’s something they haven’t done before. Promises to be intriguing!

    1. Carissa! You must see the EE for DoS 😉 I enjoyed film 2 but the extended improved significantly the overall structure and story. As for Sherlock, I can’t say I’m losing interest yet 😉

  3. The kind of time ‘The Hobbit 3 EE’ is taking and on top of that there are hardly any updates about the film; so why not? any one can loose interest on it (though the fact that you still wish to see it). I don’t know much things about Sherlock series, but have heard a lot good things about this popular thriller and now its coming back so usually a person will be excited for its favorite serial to come again for its entertainment. I would only say one thing ENJOY Holmes and Watson; Baggins will come slowly towards DVD Set (Just need to wait; which you/we are already doing 😉 😀

    1. Wise words shree. I feel the Sherlock series has stayed fresh compared to the expectations of The Hobbit; but the trilogy can hardly be blame to a certain extent. I’m sure the difference between the two formats (TV and Film) and the way they’re released will affect the how we anticipate them.

  4. Yeah, me too. Although I’m excited about the EE for TBOTFA, I’m not quite excited enough to see it in the theater this Tuesday because the closest showing is over an hour away. And already on Thursday I’ll be driving an hour each way to see the telecast of Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet. I’m sorry, dear Bard, but… Hamlet trumps you. (Also, this is a one-time showing and I’ve seen TBOTFA 5 times already and will undoubtedly watch the EE many times once I get the DVDs.)

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