Tolkien Week: Days 3 & 4

Middle-earth Marathon Hangover (header)

Something of a Middle-earth Marathon hangover …

So I missed a post yesterday. And yet, I was still exercising my Tolkien Week celebration duties. That back-to-back trilogy marathon took me way beyond what I had originally planned to do.

What I thought would be a day-by-day, film-by-film, viewing turned out into the final 4-film stretch all in one evening.

Instead of spending yesterday evening writing a post about watching The Return of the King, I decided I’d go the extra mile or two to watch the entire Hobbit trilogy after that…

Predicting this was bound to happen, I decided I’d tackle the theatrical versions. Suffice to say, it still took me a good 11 hours from the start of The Return of the King, right through The Battle of the Five Armies.

It was physically exhausting, but it felt great! I still don’t recommend you spend half a day stuck in a chair; and choosing the right time would also be wise.

I pressed the PLAY button on my RoTK disc at around 5pm yesterday. At 3:43am today I found myself rubbing my stinging eyes as Billy Boyd’s song rolled over the credits.

Middle-earth Marathon

left to right: Sam’s shining moment; sympathizing with Bolg’s ugly face; Success!

Going to work three hours later was something of a blur, but I couldn’t help maintaining that grin on my face … proud that I had done something so ridiculous, but worthy of a Tolkien Week celebration.

Next up I’ll be moving on to the original source material and plunge myself into the books.

Expect another post soon … unless I suddenly fall into hibernation throughout the Winter.

Middle-earth Marathon Hangover

Caught in the act … someone thought it would be funny to leave the “Bilbo moment” on screen for when I woke up.

6 thoughts on “Tolkien Week: Days 3 & 4

  1. Yay! I should start a movie marathon too! I only miss the last Hobbit movie, since I’m waiting for the Extended Edition (booked on Amazon the other day btw). The Tolkien Week is still young 😉

  2. Amazing work! I thought I was doing well getting through all six in five days. Obviously I have some way to go. I must say though, watching a film or TV series in one week, or a day or two, does highlight connections that otherwise may get missed.

    Nice work.

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