The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition Details!

Hobbit BOTFA EE (header)

Announcing the long-awaited Extended Edition

It’s been known for a while now, but we can finally confirm that the extended edition of The Battle of the Five Armies will be released on November 17.Blu-ray_EE

The gates of these long-kept details have been burst open and have confirmed some information on what we can except with this final release from The Hobbit trilogy.
First up, the most important aspect is the running time. The Extended Cut will be R rated and will bring in an extra 20 minutes to the final film, for a total duration of 2 hours 43 minutes. Not bad, but still slightly disappointing.

As expected, this release will be available as a digital download from October 20, as well as in DVD and Blu-ray format. This is without mentioning the plethora of other possibilities, such as the steelbook edition, the giftbook edition and others.

Apart from the film itself, the release will feature also the beloved extra discs with over 9 hours of special features.

The contents are as follows:

  • Commentary with Peter Jackson, Director/Producer/Screenwriter and Philippa Boyens, Co-Producer/Screenwriter
  • The Appendices – The Appendices Parts XI and XII showcase a chronological history of the filming of The Battle of the Five Armies, documenting the work done on set chronologically through the three shooting blocks and in the world of its digital effects.The Hobbit trilogy (EE box set)
  • New Zealand: Home of Middle-earth – Part 3

Furthermore, Warner Bros. have confirmed the release of The Hobbit Trilogy Extended Edition which will include a whopping  9-disc Blu-ray set and a 15-disc DVD set.


After almost 8 years since I began collecting The Lord of the Rings extended editions, I can finally get the missing piece of the puzzle and settle on the standard DVD box set.

I do not own Blu-ray sets of any of The Hobbit films, but I have the box set for The Lord of the Rings; so I’m certainly getting my hands on the Blu-ray box set for this trilogy too.

It feels like Christmas already. I simply cannot wait to revisit Middle-earth and be surprised by the new and extended scenes as well as plunge into the equally-astounding behind-the-scenes material.

Finally, my life will be complete.

Which sets will YOU be acquiring this November?



16 thoughts on “The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition Details!

  1. I’m excited for this, but with a bit of trepidation. My hope is that this movie would fix all the problems with the theatrical edition, but that seems too good to be true.

    1. It’s still a bit ridiculous to release the digital download less than a month before the Blu-ray/DVDs. Why not release them together and be done with it! 😀

      1. I assume a higher profit margin (no discs). I’ve switched my collection to all digital anyway and more than happy to get the movie a month early. If you use Vudu credits it’s also 50% cheaper.

    1. Agreed … let’s hope half of those 20 minutes aren’t anything to do with Legolas, Tauriel and Kili and give screentime to where and to who its due … but I still fear

  2. I hope to god that the 10 minutes of the rumored 30 minutes added to the EE would have just been Legolas and Tauriel doing acrobats

    1. Let’s hope none of the 20 are in fact comprised of any of those characters! Not even Kili, he got his fair share in this trilogy …

  3. I must say I am also a bit disappointed with only 20 minutes. I am not sure how much that will really add to the movies. Character moments etc. would take longer to be really developed, so possibibly more battle footage.

  4. I can’t wait to finally get these Extended Editions, but the whole ‘R-rated’ thing is causing a bit of a backlash. I wonder what scene(s) caused that, and does that make it absolutely unsuitable for children, or just requiring a bit more parental discretion? The idea of an “adults only” Hobbit movie is pretty weird however you defend it.

    It’ll be interesting to see which rating the BBFC give it…

    1. It is indeed weird, Jack. Apparently, DoS was also close to receiving an R rating due to the orc interrogation scene with Thranduil. It wasn’t the beheading that was considered inappropriate, but the shaking body. Ridiculous.

  5. I just watched the extended version and it was ok, but the 20 minutes was probably better off being cut. Some it was frankly a little ridiculous, especially during the big battle. I won’t drop any spoliers, but at least it did not include a bunch of extra Tauriel/Kili stuff.

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