Gollum Discovered!

Gollum in Marsascala (header)

Imagine my surprise …

So, just a few minutes away from my hometown, I discovered a fantastic piece of street art adorning an abandoned building.

You can imagine my surprise and awe as the wide-eyed creature that had been so meticulously painted, was none other than Gollum himself.

I almost stumbled on the pavement as I rounded a corner and found myself facing an old, beloved Middle-earth friend. 

Gollum in Marsascala

My heart leapt with joy as I finally realised that there was appreciation for the films and books I so much love myself.

Someone, somewhere out here clearly cares for the same obsession.

Kudos to the artist who did such extraordinary work and for making my day, and week.

True, the street art may have been part of some foreign artist’s attempt to make a political statement of sorts. Notice the Euro coin Gollum is holding – his precious. Goodbye One Ring.

Undoubtedly, it may all be part of a Banksy-style declaration against the current Eurozone crisis.

But no matter.

Finally, Gollum has made himself closer to home 🙂

Here’s hoping the authorities decide not to paint over it …


8 thoughts on “Gollum Discovered!

  1. That is wonderful. I love street art like this, and have recently become really interested in the purpose and role of graffiti and public art in redeeming abandoned and destitute places. It is encouraging, indeed, to see artists spreading appreciation for Tolkien and the film-adaptions of his works.

    1. Great comment, and I agree about the beauty of street art in general. Now let’s see how long it takes before the authorities remove it …

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