Favourite Middle-earth Prop

Red Book of Westmarch

A Short Wishlist

Last week I was contacted by Invaluable: an online auction site that specialises in authentic movie props.

I was asked to share my own thoughts on a favourite prop in the form of a blog post. Naturally, my mind hovered over the Middle-earth films and after looking deep into the recesses of thought, I’ve come up with a thing or two.

The result of that thinking process can be seen below …


The Red Book of Westmarch

I had already stated my desire to own the original prop used by Ian Holm and Elijah Wood to write down the story of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings respectively.

I love parchments, manuscripts and old writings.

Red Book of Westmarch

That beautiful flowing script, the diagrams and maps are all so exquisitely gorgeous; and let’s not talk about the wonderful red leather cover with the “BB” motif embedded in it. Simply marvelous.

Not even for one of the original One Rings used during the filming would I exchange this book prop – well, maybe.

Herugrim – Théoden’s Sword

When it comes to movie props, the first thing that springs to mind is weapons and armour.

In both trilogies, there is a wealth of riches when it comes to swords wielded by characters; but none has caught my attention more than Théoden King’s orc cleaver.


Herugrim is just wonderful to behold. The clean sliver blade, the two-headed hilt in the shape of horses (which somewhat resembles a heart or a jammie dodger) and the leather-bound hilt; All this sums up the remarkable work carried by the concept design team and the sword-smiths themselves.

Yes, Herugrim would be right there with the Red Book of Westmarch.


Props from Other Films

I love movies in general. So I’m not just after props for the Middle-earth films.

I’d love to get my hands on the Grail Diary from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989).

Remember my love for parchment and old books? That reason alone should justify my interest in this gorgeous prop.Grail Diary

Another awesome prop would undoubtedly be the copy of “The Dynamics of an Asteroid”; Professor Moriarty’s book from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011).

The Dynamics of An Asteroid


So these are my choices … whether my dream of owning an original prop from a film will ever come true is highly doubtful.

But what’s wrong with a bit of dreaming now and then, huh?


Copyright of images belongs to the respective film studios

18 thoughts on “Favourite Middle-earth Prop

  1. I agree about parchments, manuscripts and old writings. There’s something magical and mysterious about them. I loved watching Gandalf go through the archives in Minas Tirith, when looking for information on the one ring. I think that was only in the extended edition, if memory serves (?)

    1. Hey James, ah the library scene in Minas Tirith! Love that scene – though it was actually in the theatrical version too 🙂

  2. Great choices! I’d love to have Peter’s sword from The Chronicles of Narnia (though I’d settle for one of the centaur’s two-hander’s), a full suit of Second Age Gondorian armor (from the Prologue of Fellowship), the sword of Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride, and whatever book Strider / Aragorn is reading in Rivendell.

  3. I totally agree! I’d have to pick the book as well, but since they’re almost certainly giving that to you, I’d want Legolas’s bow and arrows or, oddly enough, the Orc head prop (equipped with bloody spike) shown in “The Two Towers” when the remaining Fellowship is examining the mound after the Rohirrim totally dominate the orc pack. It would undoubtedly encourage lively dinner conversation, no?

    1. Well those are some great choices, especially the head on a stake. I like your idea of using it during dinner. As for the book, well I’m guessing there’s been more than one made – at least one for each trilogy. So one for you, one for me. Problem solved! 🙂

  4. I would like to have the Book of Mazarbul, the one Ori was writing in the mines of Moria 🙂 Or maybe the one Saruman was perusing when he mentioned Moria and the Balrog while the Fellowship was freezing up in Caradhras.

    As for swords, Andúril is my all- time favourite.

      1. “We cannot get out. The end comes soon. We hear drums, drums in the deep. They are coming.” Dum dum dum dum 😀

  5. I would really really like to have Orcrist if I could. I absolutely love that sword’s design. I would also love one of those elven cloaks the Fellowship are given in Lothlorien. And if I can be greedy I wouldn’t say no to a crown (Theoden’s, Thorin’s, Aragorn’s, whoever’s…)
    For other movies, I loved Lucius’ cane in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. And I would be delighted to get Sherlock’s coat, scarf and/or purple shirt from the series Sherlock BBC.

  6. Arwen’s necklace, Saruman’s staff, Sauron’s one ring, Thranduil’s crown and Galedriiel’s phial are my favorites…and yess Radagast’s sled!!!

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