Middle-earth’s Best Mums

Morwen (TTT)

Celebrating Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day in this part of the world (and in many other parts), so it’s only natural to dedicate a nice post on the subject.

There are many strong female characters in the histories of Middle-earth who have given birth and raised equally important characters.

In honour of Mother’s Day, we will take a look at the finest examples of motherhood in Tolkien’s fantasy world (books only).

At the same time, I take this opportunity to wish all real-world mothers out there my best wishes and thumbs up for the awesome job you do 😉

Oh and now’s the time to put a -Spoiler Alert!- If you haven’t yet read The Silmarillion or Unfinished Tales (The Lord of the Rings seems to lack in mothers) proceed with extra caution…

4. Melian the Maia

Not one to meddle too much in the affairs of others, preferring rather to sit and think, she is nonetheless a caring and essential character for the most beautiful elf to have walked the earth, LĂșthien TinĂșviel.Melian by kimberly80

Being a Maia is a tough job; balancing both the safety of your husband’s kingdom (Doriath) and the escapades of your daughter with a mortal.

By the end of the First Age she had lost her husband (Thingol) and daughter, which led her back to Valinor in sorrow.

Indeed, being a Maia is no easy feat.

by Kimberly80


3. Erendis

A lady of NĂșmenor and wife to the King, Tar-Aldarion; she bore a daughter (and eventually, future Queen of NĂșmenor) by the name of AncalimĂ«. Erendis raised her child alone as her husband would often go on lengthy journeys, spending years at sea.

Suffice to say, it was a tough time for her and eventually distanced herself from Aldarion. As AncalimĂ« grew up, her daughter was more inclined to follow in her father’s footsteps in order to become Queen.Erendis

Erendis therefore spent the rest of her remaining years alone and abandoned until finally, wanting to see Aldarion once again, went to one of the havens of NĂșmenor to wait for him – but soon died in the water.

(The feels!)

by tomato-brid


2. Morwen Eledhwen

Wife to HĂșrin Thalion and mother of TĂșrin Turambar, Morwen was a strong-willed and important character.

After HĂșrin went to the NĂ­rnaeth Arnoediad and was captured by Morgoth, she raised the young TĂșrin and bore another child, NiĂ«nor.

As the years passed, oppressed by the brutal Easterlings who took over their land, she sent her son to the safety of the Elven king,Morwen by kimberly80 Thingol.

Later on she roamed Beleriand to reunite herself with TĂșrin, but in the process was also separated from her daughter.

She never saw her children again until, years later, she discovered their graves. Burdened by the weight of her grief she died in her husband’s arms, who had then found her after years in captivity and torment.

by Kimberly80


1. Aredhel Ar-Feiniel

Sister of Turgon, King of Gondolin, she became weary of the enclosed city and decided to venture beyond its confines. Meeting Eöl, the Dark Elf, she spent many years alone in the forest of Nan Elmoth and eventually had a son, Maeglin.

She may have been selfish leaving her brother like that and then deciding to come became back when she got tired of the outside Aredhelworld, but Aredhel made the ultimate sacrifice as a mother.

She defended her son from being killed by a posioned arrow (thrown by her husband, please note) and instead received the wound herself, and eventually died.

Kudos to Aredhel for rising up to the true virtues of motherhood!

by Sieskja (Jessica Albert)

Copyright of image from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers belongs to New Line Cinema.

6 thoughts on “Middle-earth’s Best Mums

  1. Glad to see even Middle-earth has cause to celebrate mothers! Where would anyone in Middle-earth be without them?

  2. Great list! I’d add Aragorn’s mother, Gilraen as well, even if she is only in the appendices.

  3. Oh, man. This just reminds me that The Silmarillion truly has all the best female characters in Tolkien lore. The closest we get in the films is Galadriel, as Arwen’s grandmother and Elrond’s mother-in-law.

  4. Erendis is a terrible mum – she made no effort to understand her hubby (not that he helped her to, anything like as much as he should have), and she poisoned her daughter’s mind against men, with bad results for the maintaining of the alliance between Gil-galad and the Numenoreans.

    Erendis is a pitiable & damaged figure, but she’s not a great or even good mum. Miriel Serinde, OTOH – or arguably Tar-Telperien. Almarian mother of Anardil/Aldarion sounds like a good one.

    1. Hey James, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I guess it depends from which perspective you view the story.

      I still feel sorry for her for being left alone for years on end by her husband and then ultimately abandoned by her own daughter.

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