A Long-Expected Arrival…

The Hobbit BOTFA DVD

The board is set. The pieces are moving.

Today is a happy day.

My much anticipated DVD copy of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has finally arrived.

You read that right; not “Blu-ray copy” just plain old DVD.

And with this latest arrival I complete the 6-film theatrical set of the two trilogies.

Ahh, what an accomplishment.

Kindly allow me just a moment to stand back, sigh, and admire this shelf.

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogies DVDs

An 11-year wait comes to a close …

So why DVD and not Blu-ray, I hear you ask?

As a matter of fact, I only own the DVD versions of The Hobbit trilogy: including the first two Extended Editions.

It all has to do with that 11-year old wait.

Back in 2004 I purchased the three The Lord of the Rings films (back then box sets were probably a rare thing), and it has been my aim since that day to complete the set once each and every Hobbit film is released.

Not that I knew back then we’d ever get to see a Hobbit film, let alone 3; but there was always that sense of expectation.

Years later – when it was evident we’d be witnessing the home releases of these films – I didn’t want 3 shiny highlighted blue disc cases to spoil the sleek, dark colours of my previous acquisitions.

Now there is just one missing link…

Middle-earth DVDs Box sets

Once again, come November this year (or hopefully earlier), the same thing will happen when the final Extended Edition is released.

It’ll be the standard DVD case for me.

When the Blu-ray box set for the Extended Edition of The Hobbit trilogy is released, I’ll gladly lay my hands on it to be proudly able to place it next to the majestic golden tome of The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition.

Until then, I’ll do what I’ve been doing so far … wait.

(…whilst watching the films of course.)

6 thoughts on “A Long-Expected Arrival…

  1. I’m the same – except I’m limiting myself to just the Extended Edition Blu-ray box sets. Having one package for Lord of the Rings but three for The Hobbit would bother me too much!

  2. Hello there jack
    Well there will be a about30 minutes longer version, extended. I would like to see that before I make my case, may be the will be a different version than the one of the five armies, maybe you remember the desoulation of smaug, witch came in tow versions….I be waiting for the result!
    I think like you that now the journey is almost complet. But wait to see.

  3. Hello James, your collection looks great I hope the extended edition arrives soon (I mean sooner than October or November.) 🙂

  4. Hi James. I’m glad you’ve finished(almost) you’re collection. But, I think you will be amazed(and I mean that literally) when you see them on Blu-ray. I used to be skeptical about Blu-rays, but after watching lots of them, I see that the difference in detail is truly amazing. I would recommend, if you wanted to and could, getting the Blu-rays of the Hobbit out of the Library to see what I mean. From being able to count the individual blades of grass in Hobbiton, to Smaug in all his detail, realism, and glory, I do think it is worth the cases not being as attractive, when the film on Blu-ray is so much clearer and more detailed.

    1. I’m certainly looking forward to getting the Hobbit blu-rays. I have one or two other films (including LoTR) in that format and I agree that the leap in quality is absolutely stunning 🙂

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