Alassëa Vinyarië!

Happy New Year Banner (2015)

I don’t know what’s with these Quenya equivalents lately, but it makes these posts a bit more Middle-earthy! 😀

Anyways, I wanted to wish everyone all the very best for this New Year.

This blog has now passed the 1.5 years mark! A dumbfounding truth I’m happy to proclaim.

I have made one resolution in relation to A Tolkienist’s Perspective for 2015: attempting to make entertaining posts and reduce my lengthy writing (that’s going to be one herculean task!) …

In the meantime, good luck in your endeavours this year and I hope to welcome knew people to the “Middle-earth Fans” family.

Thank you once again to all you fellow followers, commentators, readers, likers, tweeters and Tolkien fans in general. You’re an amazing bunch! 😉

Best Wishes.

(Below: In plotting mode whilst hatching the next blog post – notice weird camera effect …)Plotting James

19 thoughts on “Alassëa Vinyarië!

  1. A very happy new year for you as well!
    But, please, it would be a pity if your writings are small. It is wonderfull when a subject is shown in profound ways! I love them!
    As Smaug said, Don´t be shy, come to the light! Or, perhaps even better, using the very words that appear in the book:
    Come along! Help yourself again, there is plenty and to spare!.
    A huge embrace,

    Arantza Rementeria.

    • Happy New Year from Poland 🙂

      I agree with Arantza, I do not think it is a good idea to make the posts shorter, I actually enjoy reading the longer ones best. It seems to me that you can dive deeper into a subject and deal with it in a fuller way if the post is longer rather than shorter. In shorter ones, you have to cut some information and depth out of necessity.

      • Poland, woohoo!

        Many thanks ladysherlockian! (… fantastic name, btw)

        It really depends on the subject of the post. Sometimes I feel I just can’t stop writing about something, hoping I don’t bore any readers! 😀

  2. Happy new year! I agree with Arantza. Your posts have never been too long for me, and I always enjoy reading your well-written thoughts on all things Tolkien. 🙂 keep it up!!

  3. Happy New Year! 😀 Now don’t you be going and making your writing too short now Mr. James! 😉
    I now have a DeviantArt account: JeantineHobbit (because I ship Jean Valjean and Fantine and ‘cuz I’m a Tolkien fan who can really relate to Hobbits, minus the smoking of course)! And I’ve finally began reading The Silmarillion (just finished Valaquenta today… Tulkas is cool!) someone was actually kind enough to share a copy with me! 🙂 Have a great 2015, mellon!

    P. S. Please continue your in-depth review of the Rings films… pretty please with Beorn’s baking on top! 0v0

  4. As an era (of 2 epic trilogies) draws to a close, one wonders what further content you’ll have on your blog. It’s been great sharing the excitement, and I am looking forward to anything and everything LOTR- related on your blog. Cheers, an Happy New Year!!!! 🙂

    • Hey Joshua, there’s much yet to come before I start running on fumes (hope that never happens!).

      It’s always a challenge to come up with content but I’m currently being inspired … so fingers crossed!

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