Alassëa Hristomerendë! Merry Christmas!

The Hobbit Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and here at A Tolkienist’s Perspective, we would like to extended our best wishes!

A heartfelt thanks for your continuous support.

My deepest gratitude for taking the time to follow, like and comment on these crazy posts.

I wish you all the very best this Christmas and a truly fantastic Happy New Year!

Spend this special time with family and friends and recreate your own unexpected party! There’s nothing wrong with that … but give heed also to the needy and encourage those going through some rough times.

Keep the spirit of Tolkien and Middle-earth in your hearts and have the best Christmas possible! 🙂

… and who knows, if you’re good enough you might find a couple of tickets under your Christmas Tree to The Battle of the Five Armies (unless you’re not into the whole Peter Jackson thing – in which case a nice Tolkien book would do as well 😉 )

I’m off for now … bye!


9 thoughts on “Alassëa Hristomerendë! Merry Christmas!

  1. Thank you very much. It is a pleasure to enjoy the Tolkien´s world in your company. My better wishes for you as well. Merry Christmas from Bask Country,
    By the way, I am delighted with the new Hobbit film and the great character that Thorin is.
    Arantza Rementeria.

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