“The last move in a master plan”

BOTFA ticket (header)

It has been a plan long in the making …

It’s been 7 years since the rumours that The Hobbit would be made into a film were finally proven true.

Back in 2007, Guillermo Del Toro was set to direct the films and Peter Jackson to produce.

But Time has shown us how things can change in a radical, and very often, unexpected way.

In those innocent times, it was still The Hobbit: Part I & II (one adapting the book and the other a so-called “bridge film”).

Release dates were for 2011 and 2012.

The studios were still bickering with each other over rights, while we waited and waited a bit longer.

Fast track to the present day and we’ve already had two Hobbit films and are inching towards the major and final climax of the story.

We’ve already witnessed the World Premier in London’s gorgeous Leicester Square last Monday (December 1).

Some reviews have trickled in and whilst not all critics had words of praise for Peter Jackson’s finale, the general consensus is that the director has ended his trilogy with a spectacular bang.

I myself am exhilarated to announce that I have purchased my tickets for the midnight screening on December, 12 (the night between Thursday and Friday)! 😀

BOTFA ticket

So expect a short, spoiler-free review on Friday evening for European readers (that’s Friday afternoon for you US folks) … a more detailed analysis will follow later after copious amounts of re-viewings …

Suffice to say, anticipation has reached fever pitch.

The other day I actually paused for a moment and asked myself: “What happens next? Is this it? Is it really #OneLastTime?”

The anticipation period is almost over and we will soon witness the last installment in a six-film saga that has spanned 13 years.

Although it feels like the end of all things, we will always have the books and these masterfully crafted trilogies to accompanies us.

But yes, suffice to say there’s a strong feeling of sadness and nostalgia into the whole atmosphere.

Most European countries will opening The Hobbit this week. To US and Australian fans, they’ll have to wait 1-2 weeks. Make the most of the waiting while you may!

Unfortunately, we have no IMAX theatres here. But I’ll still be viewing the film in 3D HFR. Again, it’s not my first preference. I would rather see it in normal 24 frames per second first.

My local cinema theatre screens usually screens the 2D version of the film two weeks after its initial release. Whilst it’s my preferred choice of viewing these films, I ain’t going to wait 15 more days before seeing it!

So Friday 12th it is for me…

What about the rest of you? Have you purchased your tickets yet? And if so, in which format are you seeing it first (you lucky folk who have 3D/2D options to choose from)?

7 thoughts on ““The last move in a master plan”

  1. IMAX 3D Marathon Monday coming up for me in 8 more days! 🙂 So exciting, but so sad at the same time. At least after this we’ll have a few biopics about Tolkien coming out in the next few years to look forward to! 🙂

  2. I have tix for the marathon but don’t yet know if I will be able to use them. Otherwise I have 2 tix for the Weds night showings at 7 and 10:45 in IMAX 3D. Holding my breath!

  3. I hate I have to wait another whole week! I will def see it in HFR 3D! No motion blur and the picture is so clear, which cuts out the headaches and dizziness I get with normal 3D. The only complaint I have with HFR and 3D in general is it darkens the picture a bit, but other than that…worth it! Then I’ll probably see it in 2D and then IMAX if I can swing it.

  4. I am so disappointed that it comes out later for us American folk but so excited that you are able to see it tonight. I cannot wait for your spoiler-free review! I will posting my review next Tuesday evening.

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