News from Middle-Earth

Bilbo BOTFA Header
The Hobbit marketing machine seems to be gearing up and making a final push before The Battle of the Five Armies hits our screens in just over 2 months.

With a hail of new updates, we take a quick look at what has been going on in the past few weeks – and what we can expect in the very near future.

– Middle-earth gets Extended (again)

Yep, it’s that time of the year again …

I am ashamed to say that I failed to post a link to the Extended Edition trailer for The Desolation of Smaug. Though I’m sure most of you have seen it by now, I’m posting it here for those casual readers still unaware of its presence – and for you veterans to rewatch it again! 🙂

The Extended Edition is released on November 3 in the UK and the following day in the US. Come on people, merely 3 weeks away!

– Dáin speaks!

For those of you who’d like further information on an upcoming character in the next film, head over to this link to read an interview with Billy Connolly – who will be portraying a most particular character in Middle-earth.

If you’re seeking to keep your mind as spoiler-free as possible, I suggest you avoid the read (I myself have only peeked at a few phrases here and there, that’s all).

– Character Posters

Following the official Facebook page of The Hobbit, you may have noticed the daily stream of updates, via rather inspiring character posters.

What started as a new poster for the film, with a menacing Bilbo brandishing Sting, turned into a day-to-day contest for fans to vote the next character to be featured the following 24 hours.

So far, a total of six posters have been released. And here they are …

(click the names of the characters to enlarge)

The Hobbit BOTFA Character Posters (set 1)

                        Bilbo                                        Gandalf                                      Galadriel

The Hobbit BOTFA Character Posters (set 2)

                        Legolas                                        Bard                                       Thorin

The Thorin poster (so intense and gripping) has just been released a few moments ago, as a matter of fact.

– Bombur Hornblower …

Remember Gimli blowing the horn of Helm Hammerhand in the Deep, one last time? I’m sure you do.

Well, it seems we’re in for another horn-blowing dwarf moment – and it looks as equally exciting as its Lord of the Rings counterpart.

Bombur Hornblower
(Source: Der Hobbit: Die Schlacht der Fünf Heere)

– What’s next in store?

Well we can be pretty sure that, if not tomorrow (it being a Sunday), we’ll be getting more character posters next week.

Remember: there are still 12 other dwarves to be featured – including Smaug, Thranduil ….

The last I counted, the list of featured characters in the next film is at least 20 (and that’s just the major and significant characters alone).

With regards to the trailer, although Peter Jackson said we would be getting by this month, it seems pretty reasonable to assume that it will debut in front of Interstellar (Warner Bros’ next big film release).

Released two days earlier than previously announced, November 5 will bring about Christopher Nolan’s assured next masterpiece – and with it, perhaps the next trailer for The Battle of the Five Armies.

That being said, these poster releases could lead us to the online debut of the trailer within the next two weeks.

Keep on checking those trailer rating sites for any news!

Until next time 😉

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