Billy Connolly as Dáin Ironfoot: Attempting a Fan Art piece

Dáin (header banner)

To all those who have yet to read The Hobbit, there is much anticipation in the revelation of a particular character in the upcoming film, played by Billy Connolly …

To make the title of this post a bit more appealing (and certainly non-misleading) I’ve inserted the word “fan art” in there: mainly to describe a brief endeavour of mine in trying to recreate the appearance of how I’ve always pictured the character of Dáin.

Drawing what little inspiration can be drawn out of the recently released images of the Lego version of Dáin, I took it upon myself to integrate a little of that design into a character poster (together with some of Connolly’s own facial features).

The result is far from intriguing, but it was rather fun (if at times frustrating), gathering the different elements and splicing them together: creating something “newish”…


If you’re interested in knowing how this was achieved, I’ve broken down the elements and process into several steps:

  • The helmet is from the upcoming Official Movie Guide (with The Hobbit logo and front piece of helmet removed to reflect the Lego version)
  • The face and beard were built on the Dwalin character poster (here)
  • The knife from the Dwalin poster was removed; the beard lengthened and given a red dye – including the eyebrows.
  • The mouth, from a picture of Billy Connolly, was inserted within the beard
  • Using another Connolly photograph, the eyes were subtly infused into the face and the pupils given a bluish tinge

To be honest, whenever I read the book, I always think of a white-bearded Dáin; but seeing how the Lego figure has turned out to be, I followed along that same design.

So, have I meddled with your Ironfoot ideals? Is this appearance acceptable or downright ludicrous? Have you crafted your own version of this character?

Share your thoughts and creations with us! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Billy Connolly as Dáin Ironfoot: Attempting a Fan Art piece

  1. I love that its the only Dain Ironfoot fan art i have seen trying to show this incarnation of him. And believe me man I have been looking. I have always pictured him graye/black hair. But now knowing that he is going to have red im down with I have a dark red beard when I grow it out. The disruption Billy Connolly said was that he’s going to have a tattooed forehead I hope he has a Mohawk like Dwalin did. Have you put any thought into the jewels Connolly said were going to be in his beard.

    1. Sorry I miss read you comment. I think he will be similar to Dwalin. But with the red beard and red Mohawk I think it will be anuff of a difference. Plus we don’t know whats builded will be. I do think Dain Ironfoot will look like any of the dwarves we have seen yet. Other then the battle it self Dain is one of the things I am most excited for he’s been a favorite of mine for along time.

  2. I feel some what silly commenting on this four separate times but I work 12-8s and it gets wicked slow around 430am. Do you think Dain is going to appear older then Thorin in the movie I only ask bc inthe book Thorin is older then Balin but by the look of them in the movie Balin id obviously older. I do hope that Dain looks as if he’s in his middle ages ( humans age 45-50) so he would have seasoned veteran look to him. I may have already stated thishbefore if so sorry for repeating myself. I am really hopping Dain is just a mans man or dwarves dwarf. I hope he hates Elves just as much as he hates Orcs and only decided to join forces with them bc he knows it f ok r the greater good. I hope he swears a lot in dwarvish and I hope he is hard as nails. I do believe his helmet is going to be epic looking from the lego version I picture it looking somewhat like there Rohan kings gard helmets but instead of the horse on top a red Razorback wild boar. I also hope that his armor has the razerback wild boar throughout it. Connolly did say he has a big red axes I imagine it will extremely large like Thrain s warhammer. I have been thinking about this way to muchm

    1. Hey Brian, thanks for your comments! I’ve always imagined Dain being a rougher/crazier version of Dwalin. As to the age, considering they’ve made Balin older than Thorin, I wouldn’t mind having Dain older than all (though he may not look it) 🙂

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