Counting 1461 days to The Hobbit

The Hobbit Countdown closeup 2

For 4 years, ever since The Hobbit was given the go-ahead to start production, and actors were cast – way back in December 2010 – I decided to keep a countdown of the days left to each one of the film’s releases.

The first I ever produced contained 732small boxes (one box = one day), marking the start of countdown (on  December 21, 2010) until the release of An Unexpected Journey.

The Hobbit AUJ Countdown

Back then, it was still two films and called The Hobbit: Parts I & II … and there were no official logo titles of either. Hence, notice the use of the graphic featured during the Jackson/Del Toro ‘Unexpected Party’ online chat, way back in May 2008!

Since December 2010, on a day-to-day basis, I have ticked off ever single box as I watched my pen getting closer to each day of release.

In total, I have produced 3 of these sheets and as you may have guessed, completing the first was the most arduous of all.

It is now practically an antique …

During that time, each paper has endured dust, coffee spills and other scribbles. Yet, for every film, that hand-made calendar sheet was always on top of my desk ready to greet me every morning to cancel out another day passed.

The Hobbit DOS Countdown

Now, with only 73 days left till the third and last Hobbit film (December 12), ticking boxes is coming to an end.

Some may argue that thinking about The Hobbit in such a way, on a daily basis, makes the passing of time feel extremely dragging.

And I wouldn’t blame them.

The Hobbit DOS Countdown date closeupAt times, it felt like an eternity – especially at the start of every new sheet. Seeing all those unchecked boxes was a poor sight – not least, the first two years before An Unexpected Journey.

You look at the countless, unmarked rows and how each row is equivalent to 20 days. You feel desperate and overwhelmed.

Yet, as the days go by and a week turns into a month, it’s a nice sight to see chunks of boxes marked with a nice “X”.

Best of all is when a particularly busy week puts my countdown on hold and I forget to tick off the boxes.

Once I realize my neglect, it’s rather wonderful to be able to go through the gone days and mark them off in succession.The Hobbit AUJ Countdown Close-up (film list)

To pass the time, I even listed some other anticipated films in order to break-up the long chain of waiting: thereby creating stages of film release excitement that lead to December of that year.

And now, here I am … with you all; waiting for the final installment.

4 years down the road and  1389 days gone, it’s hard to believe we’ve come this far since before filming began 2011 – when any hope of seeing The Hobbit in cinemas was just a dream.

The Hobbit BOTFA Countdown

(My current calendar sheet:
notice the use of “There and Back Again” back in the day when it was still called so)

 Remember these days of waiting, for once December comes, you’ll only be able to look back at these times with nostalgia.

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. And I’m sure, you all know too. For we’ve already been through this with The Lord of the Rings.

We’ve got our DVDs and our Blu-rays; and whilst we relish our revisit to Middle-earth, long gone are the days of anticipation and excitement.

They only exist now through the heart and the mind – so make the most of these two months while they last! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Counting 1461 days to The Hobbit

  1. My first thought was: “This guy is nerdy”, but then I felt so much compassion when I read it! I have huge anxiety issues and I wouldn’t be able to keep a sheet like that, because at the release of every film I wouldn’t have fingernails or even fingers.

    It was so difficult for me to wait for the Harry Potter films and the fifth, sixth and seventh books, that I don’t think I could go through with that again. That’s why I don’t watch TV series until they’re cancelled, hahaha! The exception being Game of Thrones… And I’m in pain. What I usually do is this: I try not to think about it so much, and when I realize it’s like “Hey, the next season/film is coming out in a week/three months!”

    That’s how I spend my days, wishful thinking!

    1. This guy IS nerdy, Lucas 🙂 … though I’d rather classify myself as “geeky” – though I don’t mind that either.

      Though I agree with you – there are moments when the waiting (and being aware of the passing of time on a day-by-day basis) is terrible.

      Then again, I can’t believe those four years have passed by so quickly!

    1. I’m really glad I’ve kept a countdown for this crazy amount of time. It’s given me a very interesting perspective on timings and this waiting-game 🙂

  2. Oh my god. I have a countdown too! It’s a separate calender though (didn’t actually make a sheet) and I tick off days at the end of every week so I don’t go crazy with anticipation. And I put in other movies to expect too so I don’t get too down that I have SO long to wait. Glad to know there’s someone else doing this too! Haha.

  3. Only 1,207,109,826,173,128,073,545 days to start filming the Silmarillion. 😉 I’ll start ticking them off now.

  4. It is PAST time for a Battle for Middle Earth 3 and I’d love it to be about The Hobbit for campaign mode and new/redesigned maps based on these three movies where you can play the different factions with hopefully a much better balance system then 2 with an emphasis back to siege weapons of the first battle for middle earth game and the build plot style of the 1st one.

    There is a Hobbit mod for BFME2 but it never got past beta stage and none of the mods ever work for me without *parsing* errors reports causing the game to shut down until I remove the mod files.

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