Celebrating Tolkien Week

In a bid to join the celebratory festivities of Tolkien Week, I’ve indulged myself into some second breakfast servings.
Here’s the result prior to being consumed …


To be honest, this was just one breakfast, but considering I rarely eat anything in the morning, this certainly felt like a two-in-one meal.

So far so good. Next up, hobbit ears in public! (If I manage to get hold of a pair)

How’s everyone else doing?

7 thoughts on “Celebrating Tolkien Week

  1. I have always liked a Full English Breakfast. I think this evidence is far more reliable than DNA for detecting my hobbit ancestry. 😉
    Unfortunately, this week seems to be the one week I don’t get one. Doh!

  2. Looks yummy! I’m too lazy to cook myself a legit second breakfast like that, let alone one first breakfast… So I tried to do some bare feet and wear Tolkien related jewellery, etc. 🙂

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