Revealed! New Hobbit Banner …

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Banner Scroll (header)

“Air! I need air!”

Anyone else?

I’m channelling Bofur’s lines here, from The Desolation of Smaug because that is exactly what I’m going through right now.

Unlike the dwarf however, who found himself trapped in the claustrophobic entanglement of Mirkwood Forest, mine is out of pure joy after seeing the just-released banner scroll for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Making its debut back at this year’s Comic-Con, the general public can now see – in full glory – the tear-inducing emotions and spine-tingling epicness that is in store in the final installment of The Hobbit.

In a tradition that has spanned over the last three years, the studios have given us a rich tapestry of colours, depicting some of the highlights and major moments of the upcoming film.

Now, with the end approaching, the massive scale and weight of Bilbo’s journey, comes charging forward like an unstoppable army (or rather, five).

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Banner Scroll(click to enlarge this beautiful artwork)

With October on the way – and the official trailer on the horizon – marketing is hopefully starting to ramp up as we are now just 3 months away from the release of The Battle of the Five Armies.

In a bid to keep this post spoiler-free, I’m going to shut up now from my excitement and simply let you admire and examine every pixel and intricate detail on the scroll.

And remember, apart from the release of the film, this is the best time to enjoy the feeling of anticipation at revisiting Middle-earth. Make the most of it, for you and I will definitely miss it!

Thoughts, comments on what you have seen? Still in a daze?

Calm down and then comment below 😉

**Comments below may contain spoilers. Proceed with caution.**

36 thoughts on “Revealed! New Hobbit Banner …

  1. Happy to see Saruman in Dol Guldur. I wonder if they will respect “It was
    by the devices of Saruman that we drove him from Dol Guldur” (Book II, ch. II).

    I really want to see a kick-ass Saruman!

    1. I hope so too. He was still a ‘good guy’ during this time, and I hope they try to redeem his character a bit.

  2. By Durin’s beard, that’s amazing! :-O

    And are those dwarves riding armored rams into battle?

    I’m really conflicted though. I know it’s going to be an awesome movie, but it has moved so far away from the source material, it’s no longer an “adaptation” of the book; the Hobbit movies have now moved into “inspired by” territory. Sigh.

  3. I drooled a little. I’m so excited, but I’m going to be sad when it’s over. It’s been nice having a movie to look forward to each year. After seeing this banner, I don’t know how I’m going to make it until Dec.

    1. I fully agree with your comment. The waiting part, though dreary, is also filled with emotions that will soon turn into nostalgia.

      We’ve already experienced that with the first 5 films. I’m trying to make the most of these two and a half months and enjoy the ride 🙂

  4. Now we know why **SPOILERS** Thorin and his nephews died **END SPOILERS** – they were not wearing helmets. Let this be a lesson to all you dwarven warriors. Think battle – think helmet!

  5. I love it the dwarven army charging on thier armoured war rams, Thorin sitting on Thror’s thron in Thror’s old armour I love Thorins sword with the two Raven heads at the cross gard. And then seeing Thorin, Fili and Kili in thier dwarven chain mail. I can’t stop looking at the swords of all three I love how they just look thick and heavy. I can’t wait to see this movie. I have been trying to talk my wife into seeing it with me two times in the theaters.

    1. Finally Fili gets precedence over Kili and is thrown in front … hurray!

      Plus, the dwarf armour looks tremendous – especially the one with Thorin on the throne. Simply beautiful …

  6. Another thought will we get other pro shots of the other dwarves and cast like we had in AUJ. I want to see what Dain Ironfoot looks like but then I dont want to be spoiled. I picture him as a grizzled old war veteran sporting a scar or two on his face. Will he have his red axe I hop so Thrain had a red war hammer. And is it true that he will be riding a war hoge. One last question how old is Dain son would he be in this movie.

    1. Agreed … I really want to see how Dain looks – but I’d rather be surprised during the film.

      Then again, if a design is not particularly attractive, if released prior to the film, you can also get used to it before release.

      But in this case, I’d rather see Dain in the film first.

      1. Yea I think Dain is going to be epic looking. Is he going to be older or younger then Thorin. I have seen the lego version of Dain coming out I won’t say what it looks likebc it seems you don’t want to know. I only thing I will say the we’re workshop version is going to wicked badass if.

      2. Considering the changes they’ve made with Thorin’s age (I’ve accepted that), I’d like to see an older-than-Thorin Dain nonetheless … can’t wait 😀

  7. I hope they give Dain his Azog kill from Ananulbizar, and Beorn his Bolg kill. And I hope they give Thorin his redeeming charge during the battle, in his armor would be glorious. Dain better kick-ass with his red axe.

    1. I’m in full agreement with you on Dain and Beorn, although I’m already worried about Beorn’s entrance into the Battle, given how they have had him say he is the last of the skinchangers. I wonder, and I’ll be dodgy here to avoid spoilers for those not familiar with the book, whether the “airguard” is absent from the tapestry to maintain surprise?

      1. Yeah I am worried too about that. Mainly because in the book the convergence of the armies into mortal collision was driven by a re-claiming of gold and happen-stance. The goblin armies move down from the north to claim the treasure, Beorn notices and follows the mischief, and the “airguard” notices as well and reacts accordingly. In the movie, how would Beorn know about the orc army sent by Sauron from Dol Guldur (which is significantly south of Beorn’s house and lands)? Jackson mention surprises and a hint of more than five armies, and I am thinking he means eagles and perhaps the woodmen led by Beorn . . .

        Sometimes I wish they would have just followed the book more closely.

  8. My heart will break when the credits roll at the end of this. I don’t want it to end but at the same time I cannot wait any longer!! At least we’ll have an extended version to look forward to the following year!

    1. I feel the same way the middle earth movies are my favorite movies of all time and the past 3years have been so fun with not only the movies but reading blogs like this and see all the prom and set photos throughout the year leading into the individual movie. Also love seeing Preter Jackson production videos they are alot of fun to watch. Its going to really be sad to not be going online to see if there is any new photos or products videos for next year’s movie. Ever since I saw the original Lord of the Ring trilogy all of the movies paled in comparison.

      1. Exactly! Once the extended version of BOTFA comes out next year, that’s it. Unless Peter Jackson releases a special edition marking the 25th anniversary or something like that, it’s over. I’ll always re-watch, but it just won’t be same.

  9. As to the concern of how Beorn will reach the battlefield with the Eagles, I wonder if possible Radagast has one last part to play and that is to send word to Beorn and the Eagles to fly/gallop east to intercept the Orcish army. I doubt we’ll see any Woodsmen from the Anduin Vales because they haven’t been established, whereas Beorn and the Eagles have.

    I’ve also been holding out that maybe the Goblins will join Azog’s forces, as a way of getting their on back on the Dwarves for killing the Goblin King, augmenting the Dark Lord’s host so that it’s truly Five Armies.

    1. Hey Oscar, I’m in agreement with your statements.

      Beorn must surely come alone and unaided.

      I’ve also considered Radagast playing some role or other in summoning the Eagles.

      As to the Goblins, I really would like to see them participate in the battle.

      Someone on another forum suggested a scene where we see Azog in Goblin-town, rallying the goblins with a speech and inciting them to take revenge for the death of their king.

      Pretty exciting stuff 🙂

  10. I just read a article from UK Yahoo website. Interviewing Billy Connolly. Connolly stated when aske what Dain Ironfoot looks like Dain has braided eyebrows with tattoos on his forehead, jewells in his beard (Im thinking somthing like King Thror but but not as elaborate) with a large axe. He also stated he felt like a Volkswagen but I have seen that quote before. With the lego version already out with this new description given by Connolly I’m picturing Dain to be a mix of somewhat like Dwalin (tattoos on his head) but also a some what like king Thror. at first I did not want him to have a mohawk but I have seen on other web sites and he may have a Mohawk now I want him too. His helmet is going to epic by from the lego version I can’t wait to see what Weta version looks like in the film.

    1. I’ve always wanted Dain to look like an older and slightly more crazed dwarf than Dwalin – at least in combat. Here’s hoping he’s as awesome 🙂

  11. I want Dain to be a crazy badass dwarven warrior who goes all blood lust crazy when he is fighting. Billy Connolly said in a different interview that he had Elves to mame and Orcs to kill. I do hope to see Dain kill at least one or two Elves. I also hope his armor is epic every day I get a little more excited to finally see Dain Ironfoot and the rest of the Iron Hill dwarves.

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