My #HobbitFanContest Video Submission

In an embarrassing turn of events, I have forced myself to face the camera and submit my own contribution to the Hobbit Fan Contest.

This was fun to do, and no doubt there’s no chance of me becoming one of the 75 finalists.

Yet, I really enjoyed writing this piece of poetry – filming it, no so much!

The verses come from the heart: an attempt to convey something rather complex, difficult and beautiful, in a dynamic and (hopefully) humorous way.

With just under 2 minutes available, it was impossible to include the entire poem in the video.

Therefore, I hereby present to you the work in full (the ones in bold are featured in the recording).


Memories of Middle-earth

If words alone could be so clear
to show how much I love Middle-earth,
I’d talk to every willing ear
and praise its ever-growing worth.

In honour of Bilbo’s skill,
I wrote this all in form of verse.
Not that I’m one who’d fit the bill,
but it allows me to be terse.

No fantasy as a child
lured me to open my mind.
Monsters were scary and wild
and fairies I deemed too kind.
But chance came by at age thirteen,
when I had to see this whole new thing.
A film most people by then had seen.
It’s name? The Fellowship of the Ring!
“Orcs and evil beings!” I shivered,
as I sat in front of the screen.
The imagery flashed and flickered:
Was this the best film I had ever seen?
Next came towers, two in all.
I witnessed also the return of kings
and clapped with joy at the dark lord’s fall.
Yet, an end had come to The Lord of the Rings.

Stories, quests and characters I found,
and a whole world opened up to me.
I pondered deeply as I lay spell-bound:
“This really was the best thing to ever be.”

Many a joy and tears I shed,
from scared child to fantasy buff.
The films I bought, the books I read,
but I just couldn’t get enough!
For years, the silence reigned supreme,
then rumours surfaced that wheels were turning.
It seemed to be no longer a dream
and news had spread: “The Hobbit is coming!”
Day by day the boxes ticking,
from start of filming till end of franchise.
Four years all told and still flicking,
the final haul the last surprise.
Embraced by the journey unexpected
and awed by the dragon’s desolation.
Jackson was right to be re-elected,
so I can convey by adulation.
The chapter closes, the end approaches.
Those final scenes none can foretell.
The Battle has come, the dragon scorches
and Middle-earth bids its final farewell.

These memories are treasures to cherish,
thoughts that might please the online crowd.
Set in rhyme lest they should perish
and hoping I’ve made good old Bilbo proud.


If you haven’t by now, there’s still time to join the contest.

Click the following link: The Hobbit Fan Contest and prove you’re the greatest fan 🙂

13 thoughts on “My #HobbitFanContest Video Submission

    1. Many thanks! Though, as I said, I’m definitely not going to be within the first 75 – but I thought: “Who cares? I’m submitting anyway!” 🙂

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