Those following me on Twitter, some of you may have noticed that recently, I have been tweeting images with the MiddleEarthIsReal hashtag.

The idea behind this was to capture every day moments and physical aspects of life, that somehow remind me of Middle-earth (whether it’s a reference to a quote or passage from the books, or a visual familiarity to the films).

The point of taking these photos is not so much about precise details or similarities, but that each image contains a distinguishing feature which somehow reminds us of Middle-earth. (Naturally, adding a nice caption to your picture will make it all the more effective – as well as informing less-aware viewers what scene,sequence or text you’re referring to …)

Here are a few examples I’ve posted so far …

Twitter #MiddleEarthIsReal

I therefore would like to invite everyone to contribute their own “Daily Middle-earth Moments” and tweet your own photos.

So grab your phone, webcam, DSLR camera …. anything, and start taking pictures.

Use the #MiddleEarthIsReal to show off your real-life encounter with a troll, your escape from wargs or your daily trudge towards your personal Mordor…

Let’s show everyone that Middle-earth truly exists! 🙂

22 thoughts on “#MiddleEarthIsReal

  1. I usually share my “Middle-earth everyday moments” on instagram under the tag #MyOwnShire, but I believe I’ll start to share my #MiddleEarthIsReal moments on Twitter too. It’s always nice seeing glimpses of Middle-earth in our lives 🙂

    • Yep, had the same reaction here. If one had to just ponder a while on the small details of our busy lives, we’d see many relevant aspects to Middle-earth; and that’s something quite extraordinary, in my opinion.

  2. I especially like the ones of ‘symbelmyne’ and ‘Minas Tirith’ though the latter could also be Osgiliath… Love the idea of this project and would contribute if I had twitter!

    • Hey anarialaurelin, many thanks! Please do contribute, it would be great if everyone shared their own “Middle-earth Moments” 🙂

  3. Great idea! I’ve been doing exactly this on my blog nearly every day since the start of the year.

    Is anyone doing this on Instagram?

      • Ah! I’ll use both then.

        It’s a nice idea. But I have to ask, were you inspired by what I’ve been doing on my Sweating to Mordor blog?

      • Hmmm … to be honest, although I’ve read some of your posts (which I think are great, btw), as far as I know the idea just came out of the blue and was inspired by the first image I had taken.

        However, I can’t confirm or deny whether inspiration from your blog was a subconscious thing … 😉

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