Those following me on Twitter, some of you may have noticed that recently, I have been tweeting images with the MiddleEarthIsReal hashtag.

The idea behind this was to capture every day moments and physical aspects of life, that somehow remind me of Middle-earth (whether it’s a reference to a quote or passage from the books, or a visual familiarity to the films).

The point of taking these photos is not so much about precise details or similarities, but that each image contains a distinguishing feature which somehow reminds us of Middle-earth. (Naturally, adding a nice caption to your picture will make it all the more effective – as well as informing less-aware viewers what scene,sequence or text you’re referring to …)

Here are a few examples I’ve posted so far …

Twitter #MiddleEarthIsReal

I therefore would like to invite everyone to contribute their own “Daily Middle-earth Moments” and tweet your own photos.

So grab your phone, webcam, DSLR camera …. anything, and start taking pictures.

Use the #MiddleEarthIsReal to show off your real-life encounter with a troll, your escape from wargs or your daily trudge towards your personal Mordor…

Let’s show everyone that Middle-earth truly exists! 🙂

22 thoughts on “#MiddleEarthIsReal

  1. I usually share my “Middle-earth everyday moments” on instagram under the tag #MyOwnShire, but I believe I’ll start to share my #MiddleEarthIsReal moments on Twitter too. It’s always nice seeing glimpses of Middle-earth in our lives 🙂

    1. Yep, had the same reaction here. If one had to just ponder a while on the small details of our busy lives, we’d see many relevant aspects to Middle-earth; and that’s something quite extraordinary, in my opinion.

  2. I especially like the ones of ‘symbelmyne’ and ‘Minas Tirith’ though the latter could also be Osgiliath… Love the idea of this project and would contribute if I had twitter!

    1. Hey anarialaurelin, many thanks! Please do contribute, it would be great if everyone shared their own “Middle-earth Moments” 🙂

  3. Great idea! I’ve been doing exactly this on my blog nearly every day since the start of the year.

    Is anyone doing this on Instagram?

    1. Hey Eric, not sure if you’ve seen the first comment by Alice … she said she uses the #MyOwnShire tag on Instagram 🙂

      1. Ah! I’ll use both then.

        It’s a nice idea. But I have to ask, were you inspired by what I’ve been doing on my Sweating to Mordor blog?

      2. Hmmm … to be honest, although I’ve read some of your posts (which I think are great, btw), as far as I know the idea just came out of the blue and was inspired by the first image I had taken.

        However, I can’t confirm or deny whether inspiration from your blog was a subconscious thing … 😉

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