The Hobbit: Into the Fire?

The Hobbit Into the Fire

Yesterday, fan site posted an article detailing how New Line Cinema has registered another name for The Hobbit franchise, possibly hinting at a change of titles.

The Hobbit: Into the Fire instead of The Hobbit: There and Back Again?

Honestly, as “catchy” as the title is, it doesn’t quite gel. There and Back Again is the appropriate (and only fitting) title for the final installment of the Trilogy.

But rumours have began to spread that a Trilogy is no more.

Oh dear …

Indeed, as the article mentions, it’s too late for a complete title change (due to marketing reasons and what not). Nevertheless, some speculate the remote possibility of a new film on the horizon.

What does everyone make of it?

Should we all fear a potential two-film split yet again? Yes I used the word fear.

Even myself, who adores every single bit of the 5 Middle-earth films so far (more so the Extended Editions), would think it too much of a stretch if The Hobbit turns into some four-film saga.

It could be a bridge film rather than anything to do with The Hobbit – but then, why “The Hobbit” Into the Fire?

Still, I highly doubt it. But you never know …

Who’s looking forward at the prospect of some book or video game tie-in? Is there someone out there who is excited at the idea of a title-change, a product or another film?

Spill your beans!


12 thoughts on “The Hobbit: Into the Fire?

  1. No, stick with “There and Back Again”. “Into the Fire” sounds quite cheesy. Plus, The Company already faced Smaug so who would be going into the fire? Bard? The Dwarves in Lake-town? Is it referring to BOFA? No, “There and Back Again” are Tolkien’s words and are perfectly suited for the film (even though they’ve taken a few too many liberties). It doesn’t spoil anything either since audiences know that Bilbo survives and lives to quite an old age (as seen in the films).

    I can easily see and appreciate 3 films based on The Hobbit (because of how its written and all the extra material in the Appendices), but 4 would be purely the output of greedy studios. Finish the 3rd and final Hobbit film and then, if WB wants more cash, they could make some sort of bridge film (that I can ignore).

    Personally, I think the name, “Into the Fire”, is for a video game or some other tie-in of that sort.

  2. James, I have a hope and a fear. I fear that your fear may come to pass and PJ and crew are going to do fourth movie that veers even further from the story Tolkien wrote. I have a hope that PJ and crew are going to do a “second second” movie and fix what they screwed up in DOS. Both are remote (especially the latter), but that’s where I’m at. It’s probably more likely to be a video game tie-in (which would be cool). For the record, I absolutely LOVED the Nintendo GameCube title, “The Lord of the Rings – The Third Age.” If you ever get a chance to try it, it’s worth your time.

    1. I love the GameCube version of “LOTR: The Third Age” as well!–It’s great to see someone else enjoyed it too–from what I’ve read, it’s not typically considered that great a game, which I just don’t understand at all. It’s one of my all time favorite games and I’m really glad that I didn’t let my disappointing experience with the GameBoy Advance version of the game stop me from trying out the GameCube version as it is by far superior.

      1. Chrissy, you are the only person (other than my equally nerdy son) who I’ve ever encountered that enjoyed the game! Glad to know we’re not THAT weird. 😉

  3. I really love the original title, and that they are past the point of no return. To change it now will only cause confusion. It seems that your fear with regards to a film split however seems possible, which, if true, would be really annoying

  4. I definitely prefer the original title. Not only is it a reference to the full title of The Hobbit novel, but it also sounds like a title for a final film–“Into the Fire” does not sound like a conclusion, and as much as I’ve loved the Hobbit movies so far, I cannot see anyway to stretch the remaining material into two more movies, so I seriously hope the new title “Into the Fire” does not mean there will be a fourth movie. On the other hand, it would be awesome if it referred to a video game–I’ve been playing the Lego Hobbit game and have been really enjoying it and it would be great if there were also a non-lego Hobbit game coming out in the near future.

  5. Have a look at some of the alternate titles they’ve come up with. The Hobbit: The Bolg And The Beautiful, The Beorn Ultimatum and 2Smaug2Furious among some of the funnier ones 😀

  6. There’s a lot of headless, running-around panic going on over this. Some sites have reported the change as a done deal, which is incorrect. I strongly believe this is a back-up plan and nothing more. In retrospect, even “may” is probably too strong to describe the chance of a title change, I reckon.

    1. I agree, I’m pretty sure it’s mostly a movie-tie in product. But I guess it’s always fun (if a bit scary) to speculate 🙂

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