The Desolation of Smaug is upon us!

– Well, not literally – but at least, in Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD

I’ve personally been longing for this release since I saw the film back in December.

Actually, as soon as The Hobbit films were announced (sometime in 2008?), I felt a sort-of obsessive urgency to get my hands on the discs and be able to “physically” put the entire Middle-earth cinematic saga on my shelves.LOTR DVD box set

Having already ordered a copy of the second installment, I can’t wait until I can place it next to the other 4 films and tick-off another from the list.

(5 of 6 … one more to go)

True, there’s still the Extended Edition sometime in November, perhaps – but I can’t avoid feeling enchanted by owning the film in some way or other; having the theatrical cuts glaring back at you in all their glory – knowing, what beautiful content lies within. It’s wonderful.

Come next year, I’ll be equally-excited for There and Back Again and be able to satisfy that “itch” at the remaining entry.

– Blu-ray or DVD?

Ah yes, the obvious question and the not-so-obvious answer …

Personally, I love Blu-ray and the difference to standard DVD image-quality is definitely noticeable; however, to me it’s primarily about the aesthetics related to the physical box the discs come in.

Blu ray CaseBack in 2002,2003 and 2004 – when High Definition was a thing almost unheard of – one could only find the gorgeous 2-disc sets of each of The Lord of the Rings films. Every disc (including the special features) was printed with alluring artwork – which extended to the covers of the boxes themselves.

Ever since the introduction of Blu-ray, the bright blue and transparent cases seem to spoil the whole aesthetic of it all.

So when it comes to The Hobbit, I’m having to sacrifice image quality for disc-set quality.

Crazy I know … but what can you do 🙂AUJ Bluray cover

It’s all about coherence you see … every film from the Middle-earth franchise is strongly linked to the rest. Looking at the DVDs (4 so far), the spines of the cases seem to add up and further reinforce the connectivity between the two Trilogies.

Furthermore, I would have loved to continue “the Two-Disc edition tradition”. However, I buy my copies from the UK and they don’t seem to release them like that anymore (the US still does though – good for you if you’re from the States 🙂 ).

Of course, I’d love to get my hands on the Limited Collector’s editions (both for An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug), but I fear my wallet would barely be able to handle one of them … let alone two – alas!

AUJ Limited CollectorDOS Limited Collector

But no matter! Has anyone else ordered their copy yet? If so, which version?

Now, where’s my copy of The Desolation of Smaug at?


8 thoughts on “The Desolation of Smaug is upon us!

  1. I saw a commercial the other night for the DVD release, and luckily my company knew to shut their mouths immediately cuz I’m super excited! I’ll be getting the DVD version (not hip to what the kids are doing these days). I love all the special features included for this “family” of movies. Totally captivating!

  2. I will wait for the extended edition or director’s cut, all three films in one package – hope I will not die of impatience till this time 😉

    1. I admire your resistance! I wouldn’t be able to resist it – knowing there’s a copy available out there, ready to be snatched by my eager hands 🙂

  3. I already picked up the Blu-Ray version–I got the special Target edition so that I could get the Lego Legolas figure.

    1. To be honest, I love all the box sets cover art provided – it’s just impossible to buy them all!

      The Legolas/Tauriel cover is also great – I just find it slightly “off” that their characters are put on a film named ‘The Hobbit’ – hehe 🙂 – hence my decision to opt for the Bilbo-looking-scared option 😉

  4. No, I love the HD picture and sound so video quality comes before packaging for me.

    Like Chrissy above, I too got the Target edition with the LEGO Legolas minifigure (in the USA). It actually looks quite nice on my shelf with last year’s LEGO Target exclusive, but the Extended Editions are still superior in every way (packaging, film, and bonus features).

    Can’t wait to have all 6 EEs! A 24 hour marathon will certainly be needed November 2015! 🙂

    1. Oh yes EEs all the way! I’m actually very pleased they kept the same design (both on the disc and the box set) for the AUJ EE.

      Meanwhile, November 2015 sounds (and is) so far away … we’ll have to make do with the theatricals and half of the EEs until then 😀

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