Life? Excuses? Procrastination?

“All of them at once”, said Bilbo.

– On the ridiculously lengthy time in writing that massive The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy review …

If you still remember, the last time I posted the first part from The Fellowship of the Ring review (November, 2013 – oh my!), I promised I’d continue working on the rest.

And in truth I did.

For a while …

But with a mixture of real-life stuff and (yes, I admit) a fair share of procrastination, I’m still some way off from posting Part 2 of Film 1’s review.lotr review

“So how come you’ve written other posts in the meantime,” I hear you scream deliriously (or casually ask) .

A very good question indeed, to which I can answer in all honesty.

Some of the longer articles (analytic in nature) had been written some time ago and going through them – making alterations and additions along the way – proved much easier (and faster) to do.

Other posts also required much less time to write, and I thought it best to focus on those and provide you with constant updates, rather than a two-week hiatus till I posted the next part of the review.

In an attempt to try and cram every intricate thought and emotion that comes to mind whenever I see The Lord of the Rings, requires a serious amount of time and attention to the writing.

I really want to analyze every sequence, scene, shot and frame with intense scrutiny, as much as possible. It’s not so much a review, as an extensive journey through the three films from a technical and storytelling point of view.

I’m now working my way through the next part of the review and in the meantime will be putting up other posts which have been prepared for you.

I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Please hang in there … review on the way.

No seriously, it is.

I hope … 😉

5 thoughts on “Life? Excuses? Procrastination?

  1. That sound indeed very good. Good to know you take so much time to write a surely outstanding review, much better than just posting a couple of lines and well worth the wait.

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