A good day to love Tolkien!

Exciting news ahead …

I smell the covers of a new Tolkien book on the way! 🙂

Such a phrase is rarely heard nowadays. However, it seems like a feast considering we’ve just had The Fall of Arthur released barely a year ago.Beowulf cover by JRR Tolkien

Indeed, word had just come out that the Tolkien Estate (in association with Harper Collins) will publish J.R.R. Tolkien’s own translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic, Beowulf.

The book will be available on May 22nd, this year.

At long last!

And that’s not all – as the book will feature commentaries on the poem from Tolkien and a previously unpublished short story written by Tolkien himself, entitled Sellic Spell.

Once again, edited by Christopher Tolkien, this book is perfect for any Anglo-Saxon fans – especially of Beowulf (me! me!) and Tolkien fans alike (me too! me too!).

Years ago, I had read about a possible translation Tolkien had done but it seemed that a published version was doomed to remain a mystery.

What a lovely surprise therefore, to have been given the news within such a short time from publication. Usually, these things are announced a year before – but I’m certainly not complaining!

The book will be available in Hardcover and Deluxe Edition, and is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

For more info, visit: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Beowulf

Anyone eager to get his hands on this?

I know I am – and expect an in-depth review here, once it is released. 🙂

Yes! Exciting times ahead!

6 thoughts on “A good day to love Tolkien!

  1. Very cool. I was just thinking of this a week or so ago. As soon as I saw your link this is what I thought of immediately.
    I hope some of the essays in Monsters are included. I can’t afford Monsters & Essays!

    • It would make sense to include some of the essays in the book – but then again, others who own a copy of Monsters & Critics would be paying for half of the same content already present in the two books.

      I’m hoping we get some new, unpublished commentaries and essays related to Beowulf (but I doubt it).

      As to the Monsters and Critics, you can find a new copy of the book on both Amazon UK and Amazon.com for the price of £11 or $13.

  2. I love the cover art. It’s amazing. I think this is the copy I’ll be getting. Plus the extras sound great.

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