200+ followers … I love you all!

Thank you

Well, you know what I mean.

Just over 6 months since this blog’s creation and A Tolkienist’s Perspective has reached 200+ followers (and counting)!

Simply, wow.

What else can I say except that I honestly never expected this outcome before embarking on this fantastic journey. I’m so glad that at least some people out there are finding some of these posts useful (and perhaps inspiring) in any way.

Hailing from all corners of the internet world, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and email in general, you were awesome enough to have pressed that little button “Follow”.

To all die-hard followers, newly-joined individuals, casual viewers and all-time devotees – THANK YOU!

So whilst thanking you once again from the bottom of my heart, here’s a toast to all of you current (and future, hopefully!) followers.

Thanks especially to Steven over at The Leather Library for sharing the same Tolkien passion, his expertise and support (following his blog is a MUST).

And remember to keep on commenting, liking, sharing and obviously reading Tolkien and more!


16 thoughts on “200+ followers … I love you all!

  1. Congratulations James on your 200+ followers, its a testament to your great work. Thanks for the shoutout! Looking forward to your next articles. They are few and far between but each is a gem!

  2. Congratulations, James! Keep it up 🙂 I’m using this weeked to pile up some content, so I won’t be around much, but the first thing I am going to do is finish the next installment of my series so it can go next week.

  3. Thanks for your help with that thorny question. It is important to know when he was born, because important to know what the world was like during his early childhood. At least, I think so. I am going with the birth year from the drafts, and citing you as the source for it, since I don’t have the book, hehe.

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