Unfinished Tales: Deluxe Edition


Yes, it’s finally here!

Many fans have been waiting for the much expected release of ‘Unfinished Tales’ as a Deluxe Edition, to match with the rest of their collections.UT DE

Well, as of the 5th of December, Harper Collins have published the book (in the UK) and is now available to anyone wishing to get their hands on it and add it to their glorious shelves! ­čśÇ

Apart from containing pretty much the same text, map and index of all the current paperbacks, this edition boasts a beautiful cover (and accompanying slipcase) – along with a golden motif of a N├║men├│rean helmet. Furthermore, you also get a full-colour illustration of the dragon Gl├│rund, a painting also done by┬áTolkien himself (see image above).

I’ve already been through an explanation on my deep appreciation for┬á‘Unfinished Tales’, as an essential book to the tales of Middle-earth and if you have yet to read or get your own copy of the text, then I suggest you start from here …

I’m hoping to get mine very soon … Christmas, after all, is very very near ­čÖé

[In the meantime, just 2-3 days left for ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ … watch out for that “Quick Review” on Friday morning!]

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